Fabulous new year to you guys….. well have seen a lot of people posting the new way to use the 2gomb with simple server via front querry method. but mine is quite different from that, though I’m still gonna make use of front querry, and Back querry will also be needed. So I’m sure you guys are already familiar with SAS cus i wont be going deep into configuring auto proxy and proxy droid. To begin, download the latest version of Simple Android server v3.7 then configure it like this:

open your simple andriod server==>>>Navigate to Connection Settings==>>click on proxy host and input:
Proxy port:8080

goto==>>Choose Tweak Type==>>Tick the radio box next to Host replacement.
Then at the injection Host input: wap.2go.im%2f%3a%[email protected]
go back to Choose Tweak Type==>>Tick the radio box next to Querries.
then navigate to front Query and input: wap.2go.im%2f%3a%[email protected]
then in the Back query input: ?wap.2go.im%2f%3a%[email protected]. make sure the question mark sign “?” is included in the back query just as I write it for you guys….
once all this have been done then you can start the simple server and start flexing. make sure you create personal configuration with ip port:8080.

If your phone is rooted jut navigate to==>>Local Server Settings==>> then tick USE GLOBAL PROXY and grant Simple android server root access. But if you know you are gonna be using Auto proxy to power your apps, untick the USE GLOBAL PROXY option. If its proxy Droid you are gonna be using then you can leave it ticked..

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