3 in 1 Andriod VPN With Blackberry Subscriptions

Over a long time, the likes of simpleserver ,psiphon handler has been making waves all over the internet as they are our only hope for cheap and let me say freebrowsing. Although, you will have to always edit the settingsbefore you can use it with another network. But here, i will be dropping a 3 in 1 VPN that was launched 24 hours ago by one of my colleague in  the programming world. This is a plug and play VPN. supports 3 network providers with inbuilt settings. All  you need to do is, if you want to use MTN BIS subscription, you just select MTN BIS, if you decided to use Etisalat,instead of going all over to edit the settings to Etisalat, you just enable Etisalat and connect, same applies to spectranet.

How To Use

Easy method: launch Tweakware , navigate to settings >> select bundled settings >> tick ‘use bundled setting’ >> choose any bundled setting of your choice as displayed below with this screenshot.

DSC_0311 DSC_0313 DSC_0315 IMG-20150921-WA0004


NB: For the Etisalat chat pack, you don’t need to search for any proxy, you can simply do a reverse proxy with any of the Tweakware server address (avs’s), on port 3128 or any port specified for it.




With this, you have flexibility and save yourself from stress of tweaking and tweaking whenever you decide to switch network.

Download the software HERE

For those that are using our Andriod Tv box, all you need to do is download and install the app on your box, subscribe to any plan of your choice and network, select the specified network, and connect. The speed is amazing and faster than psiphon handler. I will be using it to watch capital one cup this evening. Also for those that are scared to switch, you’re really missing out here. As no matter any dongle that is out, it will never be like internet TV and all the chinese are scared of investing money on Iks. That was what liberty star owner told me this morning when we skype. Not that they can’t hack DSthieves, but they are really scared of loosing out after getting huge loans to run the server. as Dsthieves always launch ddos to attack all servers. For those that keeps hearing rumors on Azsky and messaging me, Azsky is gone for life. Believe it or not.All my calls and messages to them hasn’t been replied for months. so i guess it’s game over.

The andriod Tv box once again doesn’t requires any dish, it’s a plug and play thing. For maximum enjoyment, get a router. i think for #5000, you can get a good one. Use it with your modem, subscribe to any of the blackberry plan on MTN, Etisalat, spectranet and You’re on the go and it powers any internet Tv stations which shows all live matches. Also the app i talked about on my last article with over 700 channels is blazing really hot. I advised the software owner to open only SD channels are that’s only what can work here in Nigeria as you will need heavy data and strong Internet connection for HD which is to me is useless. I have been watching Movies on MBC action for hours with #70 subscription i did yesterday evening and i still have 2.3GB after hours of streaming internet tv on SD and it’s stable and have superb picture qualities. It’s worth trying and this will forever solve problem on watching Premium Tv for let me say free. Let me stop here for now. More updates coming soon.

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