Hi Guys, here is a new tunneler that can be used in place of SS,ZI,PRIVOXY ,IWP etc. You can configured it to work with ETISALAT CHAT PAK or MTN BIS.

Lets go there :cool:

1. First you will need to download Proxomitron from
2. After downloading, unzip it and find the file Proxomitron.exe and open it.

proxom (5)1.png

3. On the main interface like the one above, where you have “Active Filters“, check or tick “Outgoing Header Filters” and “Use Remote Proxy” only. Uncheck any other thing.

4. Look under the “Edit Filters” section, click on the “Headers” button. This will bring up a window titled “HTTP Message Header“. Untick everything there.

proxom 2).png

5. Next, click on the “New” button. A new window will open titled “HTTP Header Filter

Editor“. Fill the boxes in this window as follows:
HTTP Header: Host
URL Match: Leave Empty i mean empty so don’t write leave Empty please.
Header Value Match: *
Replacement Text: or or or (also work with MTN BIS)
proxom 3).png

6. This will take you back to the “HTTP Header Filters” window. In this window you will see the newly created “Host:” filter. Near the “Host:” filter on the left, make sure you tick or check the out box. This will enable the “Host:” filter to operate on all outgoing request header. Next click on the “Ok” button at the bottom of the screen. This will return us to the main

proxom (4.png

7. In the main interface, under the “Edit Filter” section, click on the proxy button. This will bring up a new window titled “External Proxy Selector“. On this “External Proxy Selector” window, click on “Add“. This will bring a titled “Enter New Proxy Server“. In this window enter MTN Proxy address – (or any of your working IP u use on SS or Psiphon handler or get from Make sure you don’t put any space in between the I.P. Then click the “OK” button. Click “OK” again and this will return us to the main interface.

proxom 5.png

8. Having configured everything we need to save our configuration settings. Click on the icon at the top that looks like a floppy disk with an arrow pointing inwards. see screenshot below. (icon circled with black ink)
proxom 6.gif

9. To execute the new configured settings, you can close the program and launch it again to load the new settings or you can load the settings by clicking on the other floppy icon with an arrow pointing outwards or simply click the “File” tab, then select “Load Config File”.

10. Next, minimize the Proxomitron and configure your browser.

proxom (1).jpg

11. For other browsers and system application, set your LAN to Port 8080
This app is a standalone and browse very fast, but it can be used to power Psiphon or Surf Tunnel (I have created thread of these two apps before)

For those that might be finding it difficult to configure it, just download my already configured setting go to file menu on Proxomitron and click LOAD CONFIGURE FILE.

Download attached file here

Config File HERE


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