Alternatives to Qsat and FTA Updates

For some days rolling, Qsat has been facing the heat as it’s the last man standing on dongle. Although it has been rumored that they want to partner with other dongles to share server. When i tried to confirm this rumor from a friend , he smiled and told me it’s not true that Qsat is adjusting it server and wants to merge all decoders to one server or so. Few days ago, all the sports channels came up and was blazing and later went off. I can’t really say what’s going on but to my best of knowledge, whenever Dst* are doing upgrade, they always turn off their server to avoid attack. Though the poor services experienced on qsat is due to dst* as they auto scan their satellite every second. Please don’t make life miserable for your supplies or dealers as we are same but just that we have the upper hand when it comes to current events going on the dongle world. According to them, they promised to make their server ok but we have to be patience.

I always talk about alternatives and plan b. Those days when we have lots of dongles that whenever one goes off, we fall back to the other is gone!!. Technologies have advanced in a way that sooner or later, everything will be digitally transmitted, as in , wireless. satellite dish will soon be a thing of the past. The best long lasting alternatives for now is either you trust us by getting yourself an IPTV box or the Andriod Box we currently have in stock or you go get yourself Dst* decoder and start paying #12,000.00 for monthly subscription. I always laugh those that doesn’t find time to research on stuffs before commenting. I read somewhere where someone says dst* packages are not yet added on IPTV

Download this app, BESTHD.APK¬†, email me for a test account. There are more than a thousand channels on it including multichoice supersports 3 and 7. Apart from that, all other popular channels like MBC movies, musicals,sports including bein sports, CTH stadium sports, skysports, Btsports, porn etc are all included on the package. Do yourself a favor and switch rather than looking for FTA for sports which you will never get as long as dst* still owns the broadcast right to EPL in West-africa. The only problem we are facing here in africa is poor internet services and of course extortions from our so called ISP. Although i don’t blame them, if there was steady power supply in the country, thing would be at least better.

Our Andriod Box has been spreading all over Nigeria and there are lots of free tweaks out there you can use to power the box instead of buying IPTV box that 2gb of data can’t be enough to watch a full match. I have published more than 5 different post about the andriod box on pakogist. Do yourself a favor and try to get one. It doesn’t scramble or freeze except there’s no 3G network in your location. For now, there is no FTA with Biss key ,all dongles are still sleeping, Qsat is still off. Azsky is dead forever except there is a surprise from the chinese guys.No cccam currently opening dst*. Powervu is a total failure and a no go area. Redlight Tv on champions decoder is even off on the main champions decoder as they are not the owner of the station. And i guess they’re even using Biss key to unscramble it.

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