Amos5 Channels now moved to Eutelsat 16e and Other Satellites

Few days ago, i was discussing about Amos5 situation on some groups and also here. Till this very moment they haven’t secured contact with the bird. If you could recall, i said on my previous article that once contact is lost with any satellite and can’t be restored within 30 seconds, it’s bye bye to that bird. In the past, something like this has happened, it has also happened to the first satellite that was launched by Nigeria, which they lost contact with and i think this is the 3rd or 4th year, they had to replace the satellite. Except a miracle could happen which i personally don’t think would that they can link up with the bird once more. But for me, Amos5 is gradually becoming an history. No wonder most service providers that uses same satellite has started moving their services to another satellite.

Now you can get the following channels on eutelsat 16e, same position with CBST using this TP (11766 H/V 27500) After you hit green, just blindscan. Recommended dish size is from 90cm, KU band. life style africa, channels tv, nan tv,african movie net,wap tv, E start, Nigezie, etc. Also you will get channels showing local yoruba and Igbo movies. Ibile for yoruba, ijo for igbo area tv. These channels has the $ sign but are currently FTA for now. Also the popular Africa movie net is now on SES5 11920 H 27500. You just blindscan after you hit green.


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12 thoughts on “Amos5 Channels now moved to Eutelsat 16e and Other Satellites

  1. Abeg boss I ve been watching star movies + on Amos 5 before now u said dey have move to Eustalat 16E… My question is am going to track d signal again or just blind scan on dis Eustalat 16

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