Analysis: Why We Would Keep Waiting For Strong 4922 Series To Auto-Roll Powervu

It’s been a while i dropped stuffs related to satellite on my blog, this is because, there have been no news yet or let me say new stuff on satellite world. Although, we have had a breakthrough on another encryption “XCRYPT“, which was broken by freesat teams and currently opening all xcrypt channels on 113E palapa, Asia channels, and they had requested for Ts files which we have since forwarded to them to work on. If this works out, the CBST channels on Eutelsat 7.0e African beam, Sisal 1-4 on Eutelsat 9.0e which also hosted skysports 1&2 would be amongst so many options to choose from for the small dish users. And also, we have cccam working perfectly on mytv and tvsat on 16e, African beam which is no longer a news. HD24 still rolling keys faster, sony packages still hanging on, hispasat now the talk of the town.

Strong SRT 4922 series is still being rated one of the best receivers in Africa because, in one way or the other, we would still rely on it for any new encryption that has been hacked. I shouldn’t lecture you that strong started powervu before Qsat took over, and then we now have so many toys around, which some are still claiming and fighting that their own products are the best. I could imagine someone arguing that alphabox is the best receiver even more than 4922, i just smiled at it, not because i hate the box but i only smiled because they’re just milking you. But it seems strong 4922 are out of the game, giving rooms to other toys to circulate. I did some digging and came up with my own analysis why we would yet keep waiting for 4922 to auto roll.

I have been exchanging emails with Sameer for months, which is directly connected to STRONG Technologies. And don’t mistake things. We have whizkid as well, but whizkid is the Origin of Strong Support : crosat of WIZKID. Recently, we read some news from their support forum that 4922 series would soon auto roll that they’re waiting for wizkid to add it. But we don’t know if they want him to add it to the support forum or add auto roll to the receiver. Another story we hear is, strong 4922 series are being run by allichips, which won’t be ever possible for the box to auto roll. Now another strong feelings i had that this might be a market strategy is, strong 4950 was rolled out, and auto roll was added to it, using softcam keys which is not even perfectly working, thereby forcing us to drop 4922 receivers. The last email i received from sameer was about a disagreement between him and strong technologies, not wanting to stick to his reforms and we read on the forum that sameer is now leaving strong. Although, Sameer has been accusing some group of software engineers of stealing his job and damaging some receivers. Now the question now are;

  1. Is strong 4950 original product from strong technologies even though it bears it name?
  2. Are they trying to hide 4950 under strong platform?
  3. If the claim made by sameer would be re-accessed,  the damaging he’s referring to, is it the 4950 series that was released and we have bad softwares and softcam released that is not working well on all 4950 series?
  4. If 4950 series are truly original brand products from strong technologies, why did they left 4922 behind?

So many questions keep coming in without answer. But one thing i know for sure is, Strong has a name to protect while Qsat, alphabox, feesat, gsky, viewsat, superesat, aone has no name to protect and also can’t be located. Does that means strong technologies are trying to play safe or someone else have taken over? Does this means 4922 is dead just like 4669 that has been tipped as the best satellite finder rather than what it was initially designed for?

Let’s hear your own view about the analysis using the comment form below the article, then i will do some digging and advice you guys receiver to stick to because other encryption are coming in which i don’t want to ring bell now. Let’s start looking beyond powervu and what receiver that will be spiced up with powervu. Trust me, i will come up with something soon and stop wasting your money.


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14 thoughts on “Analysis: Why We Would Keep Waiting For Strong 4922 Series To Auto-Roll Powervu

  1. Kudus to you Mr. Pako , pls. I need tvsat/mytv cccam account that works with 4922A @ 16e and how much,it’s urgent,pls. Urgent reply will be appreciated.

  2. Thanks Sir for the info. Sameer and strong technologies should solve the disagreement and release softwares for their products. I think this would grow and expand the strong company. Furthermore, it would make strong technologies’ products more desirable by most people. Currently people are shifting from strong to other models like gsky and superesat.
    from my own assessment, I think srt 4950 isn’t a product of strong technologies.

  3. Thanks a lot for this educative information. We will ever be thankful when the encryption channels on 9e and 7e start to work and I hope they will open with powervu packages like HD 24. Thanks

  4. Thank you Pako for ur analysis but I strongly believe that 4950 is a genuine and original strong product cos auto roll software not softcam is working perfectly on my 4950m without any problems.

  5. babayo i think pako is not saying that 4950 is not original but trying to analize the reason why 4922 is left out without solution for autorolling since it can accept manual powervu keys and work perfectly. I think its just a market strategy they want to make more money from 4950 first.

  6. Thanx for de info but I think we shldbwait to 4922 to autoroll,strong still remains the gaint in the game,pako thnxx,I just upgraded my 4922 with 1.98p so close to 2.00p.

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