Analysis: Why We Shouldn’t Expect Much From Mtn Worldwide Sport 24

Few days after sport 24 came back, their was so much joy as at least there was hope for the common man to enjoy what the big men are enjoying. The excitement became so much that we already forgot that it’s a “use while it last thing”.  After some few days when software was released and in flocks of chinese toys, it went off. Now the question is, what happened? Are the bloggers whistle blowers? Is it other pay tv providers that reported it? Did sport 24 noticed it and blocked it again?

One thing you should have in mind is, as long as they had already noticed their system has been compromised, they will keep monitoring forums and blogs, they will keep scanning their networks for possible worms, like for an example, the STBs, thereby applying some tweaks and it will automatically shut down all foreign bodies on their server, just as running anti virus on your computer system when you noticed something is wrong. Another thing is, some bloggers would want to steal the show and claim glory for what they don’t even know of. I keep asking why a blogger should be making noise and telling the whole world how sport 24 was hacked and go to the extent of publishing the software used in hacking it online. Sound as being desperate right? The reason why some Europe hackers had refused to work on African satellite is just this, “Africans are villagers”. They will steal from your home and tell you how and where they pass through to steal it. Nothing is wrong breaking news of possible cheap alternatives to watch sports, but the manner at which it’s being talked on is really a disaster, no wonder nothing related to sports can ever last in Africa after it’s being hacked.

It’s no longer news that sport 24 went off some few hours ago, and the good news now is, it’s working again. There are many things to be worried about because we are going to keep buying china toys in the name of sport 24. All the older products in the market had been ignored by the Chinese, thanks to some of the greedy dealers. What we have in the market now are new products that would soon be ignored before the end of this season all in the name of sport 24. So i see no reason for us to keep rejoicing over what will keep taking money out from our pocket , because whether we like it or not, even if we get new software tonight, it would go off again after some few days.

To me, being monitoring the whole events, sport 24 has no much to offer anymore. We just have to move on. We have to accept the fact that IPTV / Android Tv boxes are the future. Dongles at this age has nothing to offer. If we still want to gamble, here are list of decoders that we can always rely on that will always provide software and technical support without being biased;

  • Tiger T3000 and T8 ultra

  • Gsky v5, v6 ,v7 and v8.

The tiger are best on bigger dish from 300 cm upwards, while Gsky are still the best dedicated powervu auto roll machine. Other decoders not mentioned which we know are just like the Qsat and alphabox. They’re all the same, greed. Reason strong isn’t on my list was, i lost trust in them. They ignored SRT 4950 series and released software for their new products which makes me think if SRT 4950 series are really from strong and just also to confirm to us that Africa, especially Nigeria is a dumping ground to the Chinese.

Android Tv box / IPTV has all the whole leagues.

I mean you find everything on it. Learn more about the Android tv box. We have to keep it in mind that hacked Tv contents especially the once we get sports from won’t stay with us. Pay tv providers will always report with the help of whistle blowers and also some dealers selling official pay tv boxes.

In summary;

  • The fact that sport 24 is still very much with us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it while it last.
  • The Chinese are not the once hacking it. They get information from us and use it to provide software  for their decoders.
  • Sport 24 is a stolen content so don’t even get panic if it still goes off even if another software is being availed to solve current issues.
  • We have to think twice before we invest on this Chinese toys. They’re all gold diggers with the help of the Nigerian dealers out there.
  • Android box is still the cheapest means to watch sport. With Etisalat video plan of #400, you can stream for complete two (2) hours unlimited. You could as well share it to other devices as long as it’s video. You can as well get cheaper data from us to enjoy the box.
  • For those that have enough space in their house, you can go for bigger dish, but you have to open your eyes because not all bigger dish performs. Out of 5, only 2 might perform.

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17 thoughts on “Analysis: Why We Shouldn’t Expect Much From Mtn Worldwide Sport 24

  1. All this whole noise about this Sports 24hd I don’t get it. The only thing that Sports 24HD is offering that Africans love the most is EPL and as an individual how many matches can you watch in a day? I will advise my collegues to visit viewing centres for those matches. Moreover, ANDROID TV BOXES are there as alternative so why this brouhaha. These chinese guys don’t care about Africans especially you, yes the one reading this post that’s the reason they create toys and sell to you at an exorbitant prices and in few days those toys become useless. We should wise up and ignore these guys.

    Pakogistk thank you very much for such wonderful write up.
    You hit the nail right on the head.

  2. Hello SIR I have strong srt 4922 decoder, And i want to use it for IPTV.
    I need a reliable software and a reliable iptv accounts for this Decoder.
    whats the cost involved as Cedis Ghana currency. Thanks

  3. Pls I need software for my 4955G cos is not working again for 24HD at d moment and I leant dat I need to put d latest software. Thanks

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