Auto Roll Decoders and Android Tv Box- A Must Have

Just as i keep shouting and advising you to save after end of last season as this new season would be like a “world war V” between dsthieves and FTA, last night, i got a threat letters from dsthieves, multichoice Africa. Not necessarily, but i will just post part of the letter for you to read, reasons while i upload this online would be shared with you later on this article.

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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are writing to you from Irdeto B.V. of Hoofddorp, The Netherlands (“Irdeto”). Amongst other clients we currently represent MultiChoice Africa LTD. (“MultiChoice”) with regards to the protection of their intellectual property rights on the internet.
It has come to our client’s attention that there is currently content on, which is commercially damaging to them and infringes their rights.
We refer to the following URL on which the infringing material subject to this copyright complaint is located: *LINK HIDDEN*
MultiChoice, holds exclusive content broadcasting rights. This information therefore provides instruction on how to infringe our client’s neighbouring rights as a television broadcaster, which is a breach of their copyright, and is extremely damaging to them.
We respectfully request and, as far as necessary, summon you to remove the infringing information, content and comments on the URL referenced in this letter expeditiously. If we do not receive a response from and the infringing content is not removed, we may contact your hosts in order to block access to the infringing content from the internet.
The reasons while i decided to post this online is for you to know that we are seriously penetrating and getting ourselves freed from dsthieves monopoly and being milked. This guys knows what they’re doing and good thing, has been noted as their number one enemy. So whatever informations you get here regarding FTA or cheaper means of watching premium tv channels, grab it with both fingers and don’t ignore it. If my informations are fakes, of course you should know, i won’t receive such love letter.
In essence, henceforth, i will limit sharing of satellite keys on this blog, just to protect what will have for now.
Now here are some reasons while you must get an auto roll decoder;
Africans, especially we Nigerians have been very active on HD 24 twitter page. They follow HD 24 now on twitter. Praising them for service well done. HD 24 doesn’t service homes, offices, restaurants, hotels etc… They’re specifically providing services for inflight passengers and sea. I mean, they provide services for only those flying on plane and those on the ship. So tweeting on their page has invited them to come really hard on us. These are what HD 24 has been up to in the past few days;
  • They have installed a new system
  • They will be changing keys at least thrice daily

So if you want to keep watching HD 24, i will strongly advice you get yourself an auto roll decoder because i won’t post keys online anymore. There’re lots of auto roll decoders out there, but the once i’m using that update keys itself within seconds after they change keys are “Gsky and superesat”. Other decoders you could as well considered are alphabox which usually get bricked while uploading softwares and needs IC reprogramming to come back to life, dsat,vsat, freesat,astra 9111hd, etc. I will try my best to support by updating the website with latest patches and softwares.

Why you must purchase Android tv box

BWTV got tired of changing keys and they later changed encryption. Like it or not, HD 24 would soon be things of the past.

We have different cable tv providers. Most of this providers mostly acquire football rights on sports they felt they could easily recover their money back. We currently watch EPL,UCL,LALIGA,SERIE A,COPA DEREL,EUROPA, etc and you will never see a cable provider that have all the rights to broadcast all these games. If you want to install dish to watch all this competitions, meaning you have to rent house in the space or buy a land in the space in other to watch all of them using a motorized 1m dish. This is where Android tv box comes in. we have all the cable TV providers on the box. No dish required. Just wait a minute when match begins, scroll through the channel list you must find two to three different providers showing a particular match which you would never see using cable dish except you own 5m dish. Data is cheaper now but not yet fair. So to fully enjoy your device, read this article available cheaper data subscription  .

If you get Android box from me, you will just plug and play after you buy.

For auto roll decoders, currently in stock, are have gsky v5 and superesat. We have different brands of Android box available, wireless air mouse, portable 3G router.

To purchase, please whatsapp me 09035035048 or call 07066330624. You can as well order through jumia

Use the comment form for any suggestions, request or contributions. Don’t call if you need any keys please.

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  1. Hi Man
    thanks for the in Ghana so I wanted to know hw i can get one of ur android box n hw much it will cost me. this is my email or my WhatsApp number is 0246590270.And pls if u hv an agent here kindly let me know his his contact.
    thank u

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