Available Backups for Sport 24 – Ptv , Hotbird , Hispasat and Android tv box

I was shocked by the rates of calls i received few days ago, even during the early hours, 1am to dawn abut sport 24. I keep wondering if people told you that sport 24 is a forever thing? Some sms i received states that installers told them that sport 24 was linked directly to EPL studio and it’s free forever. Let’s come to think of it, is their any free thing that last forever?

I have been researching all day looking for backups that would at least benefit those with 1.8m, but all to no avail. This backups i would be listing are for those from 2.4m above, but perfect for 3m dish users.


This was some image taken from my television on Android tv box bringing live EPL matches between Chelsea vs Arsenal last weekend( 02/04/2017)

Chelsea vs Arsenal last weekend( 02/04/2017)

This is just a standard SD channel and i used less than 300MB to complete the full 90 minutes match. Some would think it’s a lie, but i have been proving it to many and it’s been selling hot. Since we have been receiving many orders across other West and East African countries, we would soon add it to konga and as well make it available on our online shop for those that scared to trade with us. All our boxes comes loaded with the lastest kodi addons without any buffering and broken links. I have many articles about Android tv box, just click HERE to read through.


I have once written about Ptv sports on my blog and it was gotten with a 3m dish in Ibadan, Nigeria. On the satellite, ptv sports and National, they show two different live premiership, but the most annoying thing is, they can cut off live matches at anytime to read news or showing live cricket matches. For those that wants to try this for this first time, here are some tracking tips.

Put a ku lnb first to track Dsthieves with to 12245 H 27500 and make sure you get maximum signal , 94 – 97%, then replace the lnb with your cband, strong 15k noise preferably and skew your lnb to 2’oclock, using this tp 03959 H 07234 then lower your dish gradually if well aligned. If you couldn’t get signal, just shift to your right hand side a bit while facing your dish and you should hit green. Then next thing is to get biss key because it’s currently locked with biss keys which are available on some pakistani websites online. You can search through google to get them. If you can’t get it, please i advice you seek service of an installers, we don’t give support to FTA related issues through the phone, as the comment form is always open. Dish size for PTV sports is from 3m above.


Hotbird is still the boss for satellite enjoyment, while hispasat has an edge because of sport tv on the satellite. Hispasat is so stubborn that if you don’t get everything perfectly, you would never get it even if you’re using 10m dish. Though, we have been tracking it with 2.4m dish in southwest Nigeria and getting 82 channels, 12226 v 27500 and 12303 h 27500. Those are the tps you can get if you use 2.4m dish in southwest Nigeria alone. For Hotbird, the minimum satellite you would need to get the important channels, hispasat as well is from 3.2m dish above with stargold fuji lnb which sale from 12 thousand naira above. So if you want to try any of this, i advice you call an installer who have been doing this. If you haven’t done it before, don’t bother to try. Everything is possible on satellite, but there’re some rules which you must put in place.

Mcot is still showing efl, but would require from 2.4m dish. so you see, 1.8m dish users are left out.

For sports 24, we have been hearing lots of rumors. Al eyes are on china to save us once more, that is, if they have the solution. Even if they do, i doubt if all receiver and toys that auto rolls sport 24 would function again, i’m only assuming, if it would be back, it’s just a matter of patient.

I would still recommend Android tv box to you all. 4G is like 60% across Nigeria, even airtel has joined the race. Etisalat, MTN, Airtel 3G working on Andriod tv box perfectly without an hitch. I would soon make a comprehensive list of all the available boxes we have in stock with pictures. Spend wisely and just know that no satellite which is currently compromised last forever. It’s only iptv that can last until you damage the device.

You can reach me on 07066330624. For purchase purposes.

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