Available Best Alternatives to View Centres Owners To Maximize Profits

After the demise of sport 24, i have come across many VC that has closed down because of this. Due to how hard the country is right now, many couldn’t  afford the #14,000 subscription thereby going down and also the recent splitting of decoders which also makes things worst.

On my view center forum, though what i would be discussing here, they have been using it and making profit, i would be giving you the best available alternatives to come back to life and start making profit. It’s not everything that is “buy bigger dish to enjoy VC”. I decided to write on this because i believe one or two people would need this and would be beneficial to him/her.

My available options are as follows;

  • Canal Afrique Decoder
  • Andriod tv box
  • AFN package
  • Sony Entertainment


Though i don’t sell it, but i know of a close friend, a dealer, two hours drive from my shop that supplies, distribute, renew subscription and also sell it. Now let’s see how this would save us money.

The normal dsthieves payment per month is #14,000, either splitting or whatever. Now this canalsat decoder, they have #6,000 monthly subscription with comes with canal sports 1-4. They have EPL, UCL,Laliga right, but i haven’t watched FA cup once on the channel, though it appears on andriod tv box. Now let’s say you get this, you would be paying just #6,000 monthly for renewal. Now let’s check the other option.


The andriod tv box shows everything and anything when it comes to soccer. Now i took 2 minutes video clip on the view center using andriod tv box and uploaded online for you to see and answer some questions about it showing live contents. Watch the video below.

This FA cup tie was played during the weekend on 19th february, 2017

With just 3G network on Etisalat, though the network is poor in my house, i usually  take my wireless router outside my house just to get a good reception and it works perfectly, though on the view center, we have good reception there and it also works perfectly. Let’s say you get the Andriod box, all you need do is just to get data of #3,000. We have data sellers giving data, very cheap and i will tell you how to manage it until month end.

Now if the matches you want to show isn’t on canal decoder, you must surely find it on the Andriod tv box.  On how to know the channels the would broadcast any matches, just open the sport tv app on the box and click on schedule, view image below;

Then just check on the apps installed on the box or preferably through kodi, you should get at least 5 – 6 different channels showing a particular match. Now only Use the andriod box to show important matches while you use other alternatives i would be discussing below to support it. Now in total, #6,000 for canal decoder, then at least #3,000 for data, making total of #9,000. Now let’s move on to other options.


Though AFN now changes keys every hour, it’s still very useful at this stage. They have been showing knockout stages of the Champions league and also, AFN can disappoint you in the 11th hour, so you must always have a plan B. To be frank and truthful, except you don’t have Etisalat network at all, i haven’t for once experienced downtime even if it’s raining, it might buffer a bit but not that worst. AFN is easier to get on Eutelsat 9e with dsthieves dish, using tp 11804 V 27500. I believe there’s no VC owners that doesn’t have Qsat. Just upgrade your Qsat to the latest version, AFN should roll perfectly.


Pending when sony exit on our option list, for now it’s still very useful. Fa cup, laliga, serie a, we can always count on them. My last post, i did justices to sony package. With your 1.8m dish you recently used for sport 24, you can use it to get a good signal.

In everything there are risk, without risk, you won’t make it. All what i highlighted above, if you follow them, you would have a savings of at least #5000 monthly, which would add to your other savings. Talk is cheap but action speaks louder than word. I don’t share or talk about anything that i haven’t tested personally. It’s worth trying, they’re must, if you want to survive and make more profit.

We have portable 3G/4G router using sim card directly in stock. Buying router, #18,000 and modem for #5,000, with #12,000 you would get the sim card slot router from us. I would soon make review of one of our 2Gb Ram Andriod Box.

For purchase enquiries, 07066330624. Available on whatsapp as well.


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