Available FTA and Options for Euro 2016 and Copa America

I decided to bring this early enough so that you should be prepared and decide on the best option to suit your needs.

As we all know, free to air (FTA) has no guarantee so i will be discussing some alternatives and other backup options for you to enjoy Euro 2016 and Copa America. Incase you don’t know or never watched european soccer competitions, to me, i still see it as Champions league part 2, because you will see about 95% players that played champions league on their respective clubs on duty for their country. So if you miss a game, you already missed out.

In the past, i have been talking about some dongles and decoders which as of today, 90% of them have packed off and the popular “SPYCAM” has now turned to “SPYSCAM”, but yet, many dealers and bloggers will find a away to deceive you to buy because you’ve gotten no choice and will go for it.

I will be discussing some FTA and options which are for now available which you can get to watch Euro 2016 and copa America.

Eutelsat 9e

After the demise of austriasat which is the best package on 9e, we all find it as useless. Why because no meaningful sport channels left. But what you should know is, those HD channels left on 9e which are FTA, W9,M4,M6 and some other FTA channels will broadcast the Euro 2016 matches from day one to end. The only advantage here is the superb picture quality. Infact, that’s one of the reason i still left my dish pointing to the sat. You don’t need any cccam account for the above listed channels as they’re all FTA. After euro 2016, i will have to move my dish away pending when they will add another package to replace austriasat. Don’t worry, i will keep you updated about that.

SONY ON 66.0E and 68.5E

The sony on 66.0E are all on HDs, while the one on 68.5E are on SD. Both have weak signals, and can be managed on 1.8cm dish for those in the north and 2.4m dish upwards for those in the west and east as well as south. Sony has the exclusive right for euro 2016. So if you have the required dish, Just get an installer or move to that satellite. You need powervu keys to watch it.

HD 24

HD 24 will also broadcast it as well. You can get HD 24 from the following satellite, 34.5west and 57.0E. Also, some other FTA channels on 57.0E will broadcast it as well. I also found HD 24 on Intelsat 906 (64.2°E), and as well, AFN is located on that satellite. I checked the footprints and find out it covers us, i was able to pick the AFN channels which are powervu and other FTA channels with my startimes dish with scalar ring, but i couldn’t get the HD 24. For the benefit of doubt, click this link (http://en.kingofsat.net/pos-64.2E.php)  and see for yourself.


I decided to keep this hidden on this article as if i open a new topic on it, it will be easily photocopied around the web and we will lose it as well. I have done my home work and pull that up, so get your tools and complete the job.


This is for those that currently have from 4m dish above. You will watch euro 2016 and copa America on FTA even without a cccam account. So for those with that dish size, you have nothing to worry about. The cccam i sold for 9east for you, if you have a 4m dish, point it to hotbird and use it.


The money you used to buy spy-scam account for qsat, or gsky decoder, 1m dish, scalar ring and cband lnb, installation fee, if you combine all, it will get you two boxes on an Andriod box and a good router. If you have a car, and petrol is being sold for #200, if you park your car at home and take a cab or bus to where you’re going, it doesn’t make you a fool, but rather a wise person. Why because, if you buy petrol of #2000 in your car, and cab will collect #200 to and fro to where you’re going, you will find out that if you go with your car and if you got caught up with hold up, the #2000 fuel is gone!!!. In essence, if you have been listening to me all this while and follow my advice, all the dead toys you gather because of FTA should have given you an andriod box which is 1000% legal and over 100 years guarantee. If you can afford #600 for a bottle of big stout, which won’t do you any good, then you should be able to afford #180 for unlimited data for 60 minutes. Relaxation, with that #180, will make you avoid blood pressure or whatever the case may be. Same people that are advertising spyscam account on my group, same dealers are calling qsat “scam”. So i don’t need to quote the bible or dictionary for you to know that Qsat is a big scam. If you read on any blog asking you to purchase spycam, run away from that person. If you’re tired of FTA and you don’t trust Andriod box thinking it will die as other dongle, then dstv should welcome you with all their body and soul.

You won’t get this advice anywhere. If you have ears, then you should listen to pakogist.

(info@pakogist.com, whatsapp or call 07066330624)

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8 thoughts on “Available FTA and Options for Euro 2016 and Copa America

  1. Here in eastafrica we are enjoying s24 on 57and we don’t have guarantee I saw the new update @64.2 needed big dish above 3m

  2. i told my friends and family that you are some who don’t play around therefore the should go for any thing talk about because you are a stable person who don’t like to see feeling hurt. keep on. there is this statement you make that brought laughter to me (If you read on any blog asking you to purchase spyscam, run away from that person). thank you i love that, be bless.

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