Available Satellite You Can Get With Your 1.8M Dish

After the demise of sport 24, many people have been contacting me to buy their 1.8m pan dish and help them resell it since it’s of no use, thereby using the money to get an andriod tv box. The truth is, even 2.4m dish is useless someone because even if you get anything, it would be nothing meaningful. So i would be giving you another option for your 1.8m dish, but you need alot of patient to achieve this.

We all know about sony entertainment. Though according to lyngsat, the encryption is now NDS/Powervu. Which means any moment from now, they would finally switch on NDS and thereby going off till eternity except their is a great miracle, which i don’t think would even come up. Sony entertainment as i have publised before, has full FA cup right, laliga, Italian and some other competitions apart from EPL, Europa and UCL. Though, they have been focusing on 66.0E, showing all FA cup matches and showing only 1 on 68.5E. Sony 68.5E Cband is located on the popular old mytv position.


It’s very easy. Just get strong cband lnbf, original, then skew to 5’0clock, use Tp 4.064 v/h 19850. Try as much as possible to get at least 77% using that tp and then hit blindscan. Then you should need your decoder for the rest job. Mind you, depending on location and maybe blockages, you should try as possible to make sure the East is clear and at least you raise the dish up a bit because the sony would be skipping seriously.

For your own good, i would advice you get the Andriod tv box because all content providers are going though now. It’s just the fact. I would be reviewing other Andriod tv boxes model soon and with some videos.

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