Azsky Latest Scatter / Flash Files Released – A must for every new User

Azsky team, ever since their comeback has perpetually still build loading a replacement recharge code look very easy. in a very latest development, they discharged new flashfile(you can even decision it scatter files) so they’ll stil build loading of accounts into varied azsky devices cheaper. i will be able to powerfully adivce all new users of azsky to transfer this new computer code(if you’re associate installer or a reseller of accounts and you have already got the previous software, please delete the previous computer code and transfer this latest one)
azsky latest tweaks
WHO will USE THIS LATEST computer code
By now, majority of azsky users currently understand what scatter / azsky flash files ar. Well, as a fast reminder, azsky flashfile / scatter file ar the files you need to transfer to be ready to flash your azsky electronic device or receiver via azsky flashtool. mistreatment flashtool to flash your electronic device is an imperative necessity to mistreatment azsky recharge tool. in reality you’ll ne’er be with success recharging you electronic device with azsky recharge too if you didn’t or choosed to not 1st flash your electronic device with azzky flashtool mistreatment the suitable azsky flashfile / scatter files. Some folks decision these files azsky sofware, azsky scatter files or azsky flash file.
Be that because it could, if you already loaded your your electronic device with the previous flashfile and recharge tool, please don’t use these flashfile. you’ll solely transfer the files and keep them till your account expires once 3 months. However, if you’re associate installer or a retail merchant of azsky merchandise and accounts, please transfer these computer code and send them to all or any your shoppers so once next they require to renew any electronic device, they must begin mistreatment it.
WHAT ar the benefits OF THE NEW computer code OVER THE previous ONES??
More APN(Accesspoint name) supports across african: this unleash supports even a lot of sim cards automaitical therefore it’ll build your electronic device connect quicker
Better recharge tool v3.06 messages interpretation: not like the previous computer code, currently you’ll handily undersatnd recharge tool error mesages. e.g if associate account has been used before, recharge too can currently clearly tell you “account already loaded on another azsky box”
Faster end date querying : with this unleash, checking your electronic device end date is even quicker
Loading while not inserting a sim card in currently absolute to work on this new computer code
You don’t got to wait too long for g1 to initialize not like before.
Most significantly, you can’t get your account broken throughout the time period of azsky loading server. which means once you are trying and fail to load your account once azsky loading server is undergoing maintenance or down, you’ll still have your account intact.
WHERE TO transfer THIS FILES and the way TO USE THEM
To transfer the newest flashfile, please visit: My comprehensive tutorial on the way to renew your azsky account

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