Azsky New Policy For Account Recharging & Interpretation Of Recharge Errors

By the time am through with thsi article, i’d have done justice to the dual problems of; one. i’d have removed the conflict that sometimes arise between dealers / sellers of azsky recharge codes and their consumers and a couple of. i have to have shed a lot of lightweight on the new error messages you’ll} possible(you will likely encounter errors after you don’t follow instructions) whereas attempting to load your azsky account exploitation recharge tool…
azsky g6 didn’t boot answer
Eversince azsky full comeback in Oct this year, azsky team have tighten a number of their policies and this have impact on each the worth additionally because the interaction between azsky dealers and customers. i will be able to solely mention 2 major areas wherever there has been vital review and that i will offer reasons for the actions taken:
Azsky reviewed their costs Upwardly:
Ever since azsky came back, there has been Associate in Nursing upward review of the costs of their accounts. this suggests each dealers buys the account at a dearer rate. In spite of this value upward review, azsky still sells most cost-effective|the most cost effective|the most affordable} accounts and therefore the cheapest product that presently opens disorganised dst* channels despite it been the foremost consistent and stable device employed in decrypting dst* channels presently.
effects or the upward value review:
The initial impact is that, we have a tendency to UN agency sell contemporary azsky account purchased directly from supply suffered from low patronage as a result of individuals suppose our accounts were too dear. individuals were shopping for from those commerce previous accounts instead however as at currently, everything has normalized and even those commerce cheaply then area unit currently commerce at a dearer rate. the rationale why azsky reviewed their value was as a result of the large price they incur simply to induce back heading in the right direction and impart God they’re not presently dissatisfactory U.S.A.. if truth be told they need not baffle ever since they came back.
Before the April attack that sent azsky into oblivion, azsky can replace simply any account that their dealers complain concerning no matter whether or not it absolutely was loaded with success or it absolutely was loaded part. you’ll load azsky account part if you’re exploitation Associate in Nursing unstable newtwor to recharge your azsky account and you didn’t get a hit mesage however you rather get account recharge error mesage. we have a tendency to but have some dubious dealers UN agency paint azsky dangerous with all form of lies . they’re going to sell used accounts and once the account didn’t load, they’re going to tell the patron that it’s azsky fault whereas they might have recived a replacement from azsky. rather than giving the replacement to the rightful owner, they’re going to sell it to a different person. Azsky team realized this Associate in Nursingd stopped commutation accounts for anybody (unless an account was broken as a results of azsky server issues like what happend some months back to some azsky g1 super that was blinking solely red lights). finally, don’t be deceived, azsky doesn’t sell broken accounts and that they now not replace accounts except in huge scenario ensuing from azsky server issues.
This singular act has caused lots of conflicts between consumers and sellers of azsky accounts. whereas some dubious dealer make the most of this to sell used accounts, real users suffer within the hands of end-users UN agency area unit novice within the act of loading azsky accounts. for instance, I actually have used my personal cash to switch some accounts for each novice and even for a few installers UN agency got their account broken as a results of attempting to load the account once their net affiliation is unsteady. however Am exploitation this medium to inform all my extreme users that, I won’t use my cash to switch any account for anybody once more. many of us grasp American state for years, i don’t scam and that i don’t sell used or invalid merchandise and services, why ought to I suffer for a retardant i haven’t caused? Am exploitation this medium to beg each first-timer UN agency need to in person renew their azsky dongles to form certain they scan and follow all the directions here
Am additionally exploitation this medium to attractiveness to any installer or dealer to not use this non-replacement policy of azsky to cozen their shoppers.
WHAT will we have a tendency to DO TO AVOID DAMAGING a sound ACCOUNT?
If you were oversubscribed a second user azsky account Associate in Nursingd you’ve got flashed your electronic device with the newest azsky flash file / scatter files downloadable here once you try recharging an already used azsky account, it recharge tool v3.06 can merely tells you “account already registered on another box”
That is a awfully straightforward message. but if you’re given a sound account and you’re either a novice, initial timer otherwise you area unit exploitation a web affiliation that’s unsteady, you’ll simply render the account useless and build it unusable. this is often however you’ll do it; if your area unit within the method of recharging and your affiliation unsuccessful before you receive “write information success and recharge success”, then you’ll have rendered that account useless.
HOW TO acknowledge a sound ACCOUNT THAT HAS BEEN broken throughout RECHARGING WITH RECHARGE TOOL V3.06
For a victorious account recharge with azsky recharge tool v3.06, you want to get the subsequent messages in recharge tool: one. M3 Random Ok, 2. Get real username success and three. recharge success. If your net is dangerous, you may possible be stuck between M3 Random ok and obtaining real username. if you’re stuck here, then there’s chance of you damaging the account if you’re not careful. therefore please scan terribly rigorously the subsequent tips to protective your account.
If you get “M3 GET RANDOM ERROR & RECHARGE FAILED”: this will be caused by 3 factors; one. check if the COM PORT on your recharge tool corresponds with the com port you employed in flashtool earlier a pair of. If you’re exploitation azsky G6 or G2, check that you set your switch to “GPRS” before recharging. 3. check if you chooses the acceptable Fat choices after you flashed your electronic device(Note: if you had chosen the “Format Fat Option” it suggests that you can not load azsky account into that exact dongle again) four. check that you’re connected to a decent net that’s active five. check that your rs232 cable is firmly fastened and real vi. Your electronic device perhaps faux or is broken. Solutions: Please before you try loading the recharge code, check that you reload a webpage on your pc in alternative to establish the very fact that your net affiliation remains active, check your rs232 cable affiliation, check that you don’t load account forthwith once flashing wait till one minute once flashing before setting the recharge code, additionally check that you disconnect and reconnect your electronic device from the pc once flashing with flashtool before setting the account with recharge tool
If you get “GET REAL USERNAME SUCCESS” & ACCOUNT CODE ERROR or ACCOUNT RECHARGE FAILED: this is often caused among alternative things by a nasty net affiliation or a unsuccessful net. If you hear this account and you get same error, modification your net affiliation and take a look at the account on another electronic device. If this error persist, it suggests that you’ve got broken the account on the road, you may ought to purchase another account. Next time be a lot of careful and invariably check that your net is stable before trying to laod account.
IF YOU GET ” ACCOUNT ERROR stay up for BOX TO INIT”: It suggests that you’re not patient enough for the electronic device in addition properly or to completely initialize before you are trying and set the account. please disconnect your electronic device from power and reconnect it then stay up for one minute before you load the account.
IF YOU GET ” GET REAL USERNAME unsuccessful, please wait box init ok””: It suggests that you’ve got to disconnect your electronic device from the facility supply, reconnect the electronic device to power and stay up for concerning most of one minute before you set your account with recharge tool
The full list of what you ought to do and what you want to note do is within the following links. However, you ought to invariably endeavor to shop for your azsky accounts from sure sources in order that you won’t waste your cash.

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