Biss Keys For Kwese Sports Belintersat 1 (Belarus Sat 1) @ 51.5° East

At first, i posted the kwese free sports here which started test broadcast on yamal 403, champion tv position. Though champion tv has been off for few weeks now due to issues known to them, kwese free sports is no longer on that satellite.

Kwese free sports as you have been reading here and some other websites is located on Belintersat 1 (Belarus Sat 1) @ 51.5° East and encrypted with biss key. Kwese sports is never free. So if anyone tell you it’s free, tell him it’s a lie. Due to security concerns back then, i refused to post the keys online. It was later sent to some china manufacturers to add them to their decoders in other to make it last. You can only watch kwese stream and kwese sports on alphabox and gsky decoder (v5) then when it was posted and keys availed to them, but it’s scrambled now. But due to so many request, i will drop the biss keys here for you to enter manually on your receiver and enjoy as well.

Kwese free sports only broadcast live sporting events, basketball, soccer, as well as EPL match every weekend, tennis etc. Also, kwese stream links up with Aljeezera for news and some other important channels for broadcast and live programs. If you’re new to kwese sports, read from HERE and also tips on how to get it installed. If you already had setup pointed to the east, just add it below your sony or hd 24 as on the image below;


After installing, just enter these biss keys as follows;

Kwese Sports Belintersat 1 (Belarus Sat 1) @ 51.5° East

Kwesé Free Sports
Biss Key 🔑
F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A

Kwese Stream(aljazeera)
Biss Key 🔑
F8 D1 08 D1 17 CB A9 8B

Subsequently, i would be updating this very post if the needs arises, maybe key changes.

You would never see this biss keys online, why, because the extraction is being done internally. If you want to doubt me, make use of google. Your search result will lead you back here.

Don’t spread it. Keep it safe and enjoy it codedly.

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