Brand New Channels Located On Thaicom 78.5E For Carling Cup – Kwese Sport Now FTA on Eutelsat 7.0E

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The past week has been very stressful for me so that’s why i didn’t update you guys about the latest on satellite world. All things being equal, i will drop new updates for small dish and big dish users. But the thing is, the big dish users are the most favored, because on satellite world, the bigger your dish, the more chance for you to get good premium channels as FTA on smaller dish doesn’t last, especially when it comes to sports.

Few days ago, Kwese free sports began transmission on Eutelsat 7.0E. Remember it’s the same location where we have the cbst. To track Eutelsat 7.0E which requires from 80cm dish above, use this TP (12728 H 30000), after hitting green, you can run a blindscan.  KWESE FREE SPORT  TP is 10720 V/H 30000 with channel namely Service 101. Remember, kwese shows 1 EPL every weekend and they have been promising more live contents after they partnered with ESPN. Also have in mind that it can disappear at any time or they might encrypt it. If you want to enjoy kwese free sports, go for the one located on 51.5E, Cband and get the biss keys here on my blog.

Another fresh channels was located on thaicom 78.0E. The channel names are;





Actually we were searching for channels that will air EFL apart from Andriod tv box and when dsthieves went off. So as they say necessity is the mother of invention, we found some Asian channels that have right for English championship and EFL cup. I would have published this earlier on but i decided to wait till the weekend to know if they will also show any EPL match. But after the weekend matches, i can now tell that we have found another option to add to HD 24. Infact, you need like 2.4m dish and above from West to South Nigeria, because the signal is weak. It’s only the northern Nigeria, some parts, that can get with 1.8m dish.

If you have a 3m dish and want to go all Cband, you can go 68.5E as primary, for Laliga, italian and FA cup, 57.0E below as secondary for HD 24, for EPL, bundesliga,Europa and champions league, 76.5/78.5 above for Apstar and thaicom using one single lnbf for carling cup, Epl matches on Independent TV on apstar and unlimited movies.

This was my dish when i first tracked it few days ago as secondary, 78.5E where they showed Liverpool, manchester derby and chelsea matches respectively;


Thaicom 78.5E

As you could all see, my dish was touching the floor because it’s a ground mount, i haven’t motorized it because of space issues.



53/62% signal quality, was not stable because the fence was very closer to my dish and thereby blocking signal.


Here are the channel list.

So in conclusion, the bird perfectly fits 3m dish above. Now here is the final setup;


NB: The lnb above is capturing two (2) satellites; 76.5 and 78.5E, just an inch above each other. So, we now have four satellites using three lnbs.


Now i will be giving you few tips on how to track the bird. Subsequently, i will be updating you guys of any events on the bird and also dropping more tips.

Now if you have a 2.4m dish and wants to track it, please follow these steps;

  1. Track 68.5E with 4.064 h/v 19850 without di-electric. Now get the maximum signal quality.
  2. Now enter this tp for Mcot 3.520 V 28.125  and gradually lowering down your dish. I advice you stand at the back of the dish unless you will block the signal. 
  3. Now move left a bit while standing at the back or right while infront, and your down totally lowered, you must hit green.
  4. Play with your lnb skew to get above 52% using 4669, because below 60%, it will be cracking badly.
  5. Now tie your dish and blindscan. To add any satellite like sony for an example, it should come in below your 78.5E and not above.


If your dish is 2.6m and above, follow these tips to add 78.5E as secondary to your setup.

  1. You must start with 68.5E because the distance between 68.5 and 78.5 is just 10. If you start with 57.0E, you will never get it except you motorize.
  2. After tracking 68.5E, just look for a small flat bar and tie to a white scalar ring and hang it above 68.5. Higher satellites will be above 68.5, while lower will be below 68.5
  3. Now the tp for Mcot is 3.520 V 28.125, you should hit green. Make sure the flat bar you cut is 6-7 inches because the tip of the white scalar ring to the lnb pointing to the satellite will be around 2-3 inches.
  4. After that done, Now you can adjust your 78.5 lnb to accommodate 76.5 apstar. Enter this tp 3920 H 28340 and raise your dish up an inch, you should get green. Now go back to your Mcot and make sure your signal on 3.520 V 28.125 doesn’t go below 55%.
  5. For Hd 24, get a flat bar of like 7 inches, tie to another white scalar ring, put your lnb and hang it below your 68.5E. Use 3800 H/V 19999 to track hd 24 and get above 77%, then input hd 24 tp 4132 H 12999 and tweak your lnb to get maximum signal using glass or di-electric plate.
  6. 68.5E, 76.5E, 78.5E are all linear satellites so they don’t require glass or di-electric.
  7. After you might have blindscan and get the Mcot channels, use this biss keys to open the scrambled channels.

BISS =>  35 79 00 AE 00 00 00 00

SID 0010

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I hope you’re enjoying the andriod tv box? if you haven’t, you’re really missing.

If you have any comment concerning the articles above, please rather than calling me, use the comment form.

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21 thoughts on “Brand New Channels Located On Thaicom 78.5E For Carling Cup – Kwese Sport Now FTA on Eutelsat 7.0E

  1. Hello Pako, pls I’ve 2.4m dish with two c lnbfs and one Ku band mounted for Sony and sports24. Can my motorised dish track this MCOT without tweaking the dish? Thanks

  2. hello pako, the pan dish and the mesh dish, which of them works better in terms of tracking?
    which one do u personally advise someone to go for?

    1. i like pan, especially when it’s from factory. But Nigerians likes fibre. My own reasons best known to me why i will always go for pan. In kenya, they all use pan.

  3. Hello everyone! I have a big opportunity for those who haven’t gotten a copy of the almighty Gsky receiver! Here is the gist; When Lemmy intruduced Gsky to us on his website, i did my best to get it. And, as an installer, i started telling some of my clients who were cable of getting it and also installing sports24HD. One of them showed interest. Then sports24HD was on 1 meter dish with scaler ring. So, we bought 2 Gsky V6 receivers from Lemmy and it was delivered to me. Eventually, Sports24 went away on 1 meter dish and he became discouraged. He didn’t even use his box up to 2 weeks. Right now, that box/receiver is for sale! If you want it you can contact me here; 08060394247 for the price and delivery details. My location is Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Remember Gsky V6 is no longer in the market. It has been out of production for more than two months now. And, it is no comparison to V5 in terms of hardware. And, that’s why i narrated this whole story! So Hurry!!! If you don’t have one of the best powervu receivers in the world, grab this opportunity!!! Thanks Pako for allowing me do this advert here on ur blog.

    1. →Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)
      •MCOT HD
      ►3520 H 28125 (MPEG4ᴴᴰ/$)
      ►SID: 0030
      ►11 12 22 45 33 34 44 AB

      →Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)
      •MCOT SD
      ►3920 H 30000 (MPEG4/$)
      ►SID: 0612/0264
      ►67 14 FC 77 50 17 FF 66⁠⁠⁠⁠

  4. Thanks pako I got your detailed answered about mcot HD. Etc. you also mention watching EPL when you talk about Apstar 75.5e is there a channel there that shows EPL? Pls the channel detailed thanks.

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