BWTV changes it CAS from powervu to Conax to secure it content from hackers

This may interest you. In case you came back home and turn on your tv and you noticed bwtv was scrambled and thinking they changed keys and you take your phone and visit to search for new powervu keys, the bad story is;

BWTV a German’s channel that offer Bundlesliga, champions league and Europa league of German teams and German national team matches situated on Nss 12 at 57e, Nilesat at 7w and on Hot bird at 13e has officially changed its encryption from powervu to conax so as to secure its contents from powervu hackers.

If you could recall, one of my previous update on powervu channels, i made mentioned of HD 24 and BWTV as being in a serious threat, but few days later someone forwarded an article from a popular blog to my whatsapp that i was trying to mislead unsuspecting readers and that powervu is forever and here to stay. Few weeks later, HD 24 struck, and now, BWTV is gone forever. Now , i have also forwarded this same update to same guy that whatsapp me few weeks ago to forward to the origin where he got that misleading article of powervu staying forever.

Just as i keep telling and advising my good followers and fan, anything we watch unofficially is bound to go off one day. I was the first to advise against the purchase of any decoder specifically made for powervu from china as we all know the end stories. At least the vision is becoming clear and clearer now. April 16th will tell us our fate on HD 24, meanwhile HD 24 on nss20w is relocating, while April 30th will tell us our fate on digisports 1,2,3, sports 1 and 2, with other australiasat channels on Eutelsat 9east as we have been receiving a very bad news coming from that end.

Now the way forward???

Qsat was reportedly opening some channels on dstv and canalsat on few of it decoders some days back. But as at this post, all qsat accounts are down. I keep saying, it’s either you convert your qsat decoder to FTA, or you move on as the only reason i advised us to buy account was to auto roll keys from BWTV which has gone forever. So my advice is, nobody should purchase Qsat codes for any reason again or any so called powervu decoders from the chinese. It’s only those that listens to my advice that keep smiling as you won’t get this elsewhere. No matter how they fine tuned their write ups just to force you to purchase qsat account or powervu decoders, please don’t.


Powervu is still very much doing it thing for us on some few channels most especially sony packages and HD 24 which goes off and on at night. For now, only sony packages that is safe because they haven’t changed any keys for months now because they ain’t aware that their system has been compromised. We don’t anticipate any hiccups but we keep praying and hoping we were not reported so as to enjoy euro 2016 and other interesting football competitions in the future.


Best alternatives??

I will repeat this again. It’s either you install from 2.4m dish upwards in your house, subscribe to dstv full packages or you do yourself good to get our andriod tv box. Eyes are wide open now and it’s only those that has ears to listen and don’t want to fall to FTA headaches that are making the switch. Andriod tv box is the future. Good thing, we have free streaming on all 4G networks, cheaper data plans on some selected GSM network and now, ntel has joined the race which was launched on (08/04/2016) with a promised internet speed of 230mbps and also promised to spread across Nigeria before the end of 2016.

A word is enough for the wise. In the meantime, Eutelsat 9east still working perfectly and shows all football matches with a very stable cccam account from me that opens other sport channels apart from digisports.

If you want to do business with pakogist , reach me through email, call or whatsapp.

(, 07066330624) Please for business purposely only..


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