What You Can Watch On The Andriod Tv Box

I once published something like this last year, but i had to take if off and re-publish it because same write-up has been found on more than ten blogs and forums out there. I’m concern about my articles because i have read some cases of fraud, using my articles to promote what they don’t have, and collecting money from innocent guys out there.

Reasons while i keep talking about this device is, out there, in other to watch any meaningful premium channels, it’s either you pay huge amount of money just for 11 sport channels or install at least 3.2m dish.

Nowadays, all the forum, they only discuss about “Big Ugly Dish” (BUD). Nobody will even read your post if you comment or ask questions on where to watch EPL or UCL, LALIGA etc. If at all they will reply you, they will ask you to pay dsthieves or install (BUD). I have seen and receive many reports from some of my followers and friends about them engaging in physical and spiritual battles with their landlord/landlady just because they nail two (2) 100cm dish on their roof, not even 180cm dish (1.8m). Many has come to me and i gave them Andriod box, some rich men ,due to my continual write-ups about Andriod tv, IPTV,Kodi, they have even purchased Andriod Led Tv and invited me to install and cofigure kodi for them. Some even pay as high as #35k monthly for MTN unlimited 4G LTE. So if you’re one of those out there that is thinking where to watch EPL and UCL etc next season and waiting for miracle on small dish, you just have to start saving, or you will have to pay to view match outside your home. In my area here, they have started collecting #120 and #150 for any star match.

This is one question you keep asking. What can i watch on this Andriod Tv Box?

If i start listing all the channel list here, you might think i’m trying to trick you to buy my product. But no i won’t. But here are some channels you will get on the box, without installing any dish before you use it.

Bein sports 1-16

CthStadium 1-9

SkySports 1-5

PTV sports

Canal+Sports 1-4 and more for the french guys

SuperSports (through areswizard)



Those sport channels listed above, apart from 100s you will still find on the box, they have full right for all football league in the world. Apart from canal+, CTHstadium has 9 dedicated channels for EPL, they also cover all league too. I won’t tell you about bein sports because you already know they are one of the hottest cake out there and you will have to spend at least #300k to install it from scratch here in Nigeria.

For Movies, just please read about kodi addons because you won’t even know what to watch;

Exodus – The new video add-on from Lambda

SALTS – Another of the more popular movie addons for Kodi. Features include: Trakt integration; Kodi Library integration; allows downloads; enable/disable scrapers

PubFilm – A great movie addon from the Mucky Duck repo

Meta – Not a video add-on but once setup great for streaming content from your library or other supported add-ons

Movie Mix – A one click add-on from the Metal Kettle repo

TinklePad – Uses movie25 for content, supports library integration

Community Allsorts – An all-in-one add-on with a great movie section including 4K and 3D

Velocity – A new add-on from Blazetamer

HEVC Bluray – Specialises in 1080, 720 & 3D. Uses HEVC to reduce the size of the files.

Release Hub – A nice add-on for scene releases

Imperial Streams – Once click movie add-on from the Mucky Duck repo

Universal Media Provider – A great add-on for finding a great selection of reliable streams

Specto – A fork of Genesis

DandyMedia Boxsets – A playlist of boxsets.

123Movies – A great one click and watch add-on

iStream – An old add-on that is still going strong. Lots of great features and scrapes lots of sites to give you a good choice of streams

1Channel – One of the oldest movie addons but still going strong and very popular. Features include: Kodi Library integration


HuluBox – For fans of the one click and watch type addons this is a good choice. Categorised in genres and recently added.

IceFilms – Everybody nows IceFilms, nothing really needs to be said about this except for you will find everything you want. Features include: Add Real Debrid account; Downloads; Create watch queue; Resume support

Latest Dude – A relatively new addon but a nice option for 1080 and 720 movies

More Power – The More Power playlist has a great selection of high quality movies to choose from

Movie4k.to – Nice movie addon that gets content from the Movie4k.to website

Movie Hut – Another relatively new movie addon. Nothing great but something you can fall back on for reliability

Navi-X – You can search for any movie on here and find lots of different versions including 3D, 4K, 1080

OCW – One Click Watch movie addon. A decent addon to add to your collection but it shouldn’t be called One Click Watch as it definitely isn’t one click and watch in a lot of cases

Phoenix – One of the most famous Kodi addons. This has various sections ran by different members of the Kodi community. The Rockcrusher section is constantly updated with high quality movies. The Her Place section offers a more female-friendly choice of movies (I know you ladies like the same as us but there are some which you definitely prefer more), there is also a kids section in Her Place too. The One242415 section offers a nice set of collections for those who like to browse by genre. The Staael section offers HD movies from 2013, 2014 & 2015

The Royal We – A decent addon to have in your collection. Also offers TV shows

UK Turks – There are 2 sections in here dedicated to movies: Classic Movies and Turkish movies. The classic movies section offers classic movies from various genres and decades and the Turkish section offers Turkish movies

XMovies8 – A nice one click movie addon from MK

You watch porn right?

I won’t list that here. But if you want it, just tell me, i will add it for you.

How about cartoon, music, mp3 and WWE, boxing?

You get all this as well.

And local movies?

You can install irokotv app and many 100s of them through playstore and also youtube.

Now how about data?

Data is no more barrier to streaming online. I already said it, your data consumption determines the channel you stream. If you stream on HDs (1080p) your data will escape like smoke. But if you maintain a lower resolutions, you won’t have issues at all.

Cheaper data option for those in Lagos.

If you ask me for proof, i will forward you list of my clients using it. It’s legal. I have a partnership with an agent working with “CYBERSPACE” in Lagos. Cyberspace is a 4G LTE company in Lagos. Just tell him from “PAKOGIST“, show him the invoice receipt you get from me if you purchase Andriod box from me, he will give you a whopping “50GB” of data for #4000. Come back and tell me thank you. I’m only doing this to help and touch many lives out there so that we all can watch premium tv channels and enjoy ourselves as well, hoping for a better tomorrow.

You can only get a programmed Andriod Tv Box through me. (info@pakogist.com, whatsapp or call 07066330624)

Use the comment form below for suggestions and questions. Only contact me for business purposes please.

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  1. Pls.Oga pako.kindly give step by step guide on how to connect Nokia XL to Tv using MHL cable.Pls.It’s urgent,thanks.

  2. Hello my boss, I was watching sport24 last night and it went scramble, do you have any ideal on that, is it general problem? First thing in my mind it don’t often of frequently happen if it does it my be the change of key, can you pls help me with new key sir if really is a change of key

    Thanks a lot.

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