Canalsat blazing with latest software plus signal issues tips on Qsat

Well, many of you out there might even throw stones at me for talking about Qsat most especially spycam . One thing about me is that, if it’s not confirmed working to my satisfaction, i won’t even voice out.

For some days now, canalsat and some few channels on dsthieves has been doing great, though we don’t know how long this will stay as there’re low patronage now and i expect the server to perform to it maximum capacity with stability. One thing about this guys is, whenever they need money, they know how to play the game perfectly and win, and leave us crying, while they smile to the bank.

I once posted some softwares here on some selected decoders, and it’s doing fine on canalsat. Incase you missed it, here’re the links to the softwares once more;

2016-5-25 latest software for qsat



Q28 new sw


Before i proceed further, if you’ve never upgraded your decoder before, please look for help. As you’re upgrading it at your own risk and pakogist won’t be help responsible for any stories that touches.

Here’re the following steps to take in other to make your spycam work with the software you had already downloaded;

  • After upgrading your decoder, you need to factory reset it.
  • This will wipe all channels and other existing settings, so you just need to go to settings, then click ok and press 1512 on your remote to enable spycam and xcam menu
  • Now go to installations and blindscan to get all your canalsat channels. If you haven’t tracked it, you need a minimum of 60cm dish to receive signal.
  • After you might have rescan all your chaannels, insert a sim card to your decoder, make sure you use data and not airtime, and also make sure you use the best network in your location.
  • Now configure your network by choosing “GPRS”, select the respective network settings and hit the blue button on your remote to link, connect to network.
  • Now go to settings, xcam menu and click on spycam. Now you will see something like “Actived code“, just hit the green button on your remote and wait for some few minutes. If you still have an active spycam account, new or old, and your network is ok, it should display the remaining date left on your account.
  • If you have seen the remaining days on your account, being active, just go to canal sports 2 and click it. Relax for like 5-10 minutes or so, it will come up. Once it does, you will see “welcome to server” displaying on your screen, and other channels will be opening with speed and 95% stable.
  • Also follow same step for the dsthieves channels. i know of M+ showing, but i rather stick with canalsat because the dsthieves service is poor.

I’m not saying you should by an account if you don’t have, and i can’t invest my money on it. But if you know you can bear the frustrations and epileptic service once it begins, you can contact me to help you get a genuine spycam account. Due to crisis rocking our Naira, it’s somewhat expensive, but there’s account for 3 and 6 months now.


Have you tracked a satellite recently and noticed some TPs are working while some are going off and on? Here’re some tips and things to check which may or may not fix it. 

Few weeks ago i tracked starsat and added it to my 8 in 1 diseqc. Total connections i had on it was 7. But to my surprise,  while everything was ok on my strong decoder, on my Q28g, some Tps was dancing and even sweating.

But here’re some tips you might carry out to make your signal stable;

  • Make sure no rust on the cable attached to the connector. I mean, it the tick cable you insert to your diseqc has rust, it will skip. So you have to cut it off and peel out a fresh cable and plug
  • Make sure your connectors are clean. I noticed some whitish stuffss on my connectors. As i replaced it to a brand new one, bang!!! My signal was stable
  • Try adding TP manually and scan. This another big secret you don’t know. Signal usually becomes unstable due to TP. Qsat is good at doing that. So the thing to do isjust adding the TP is dancing manually and scan again.
  • If you have replaced all your connectors and diseqc and yet signal is still dancing, consider getting a brand new lnb if you want to make use of your qsat. Mind you, all those stuffs you changed and replaced, it will work perfectly on strong. So i don’t expect you to throw it away
  • Avoid keeping your mobile devices closer to any receiver. It may damage your tuner or make it unstable
  • Make sure you did not join any cable. Try to get a straight and direct cable. Or you can as well test all the lines separately to know which one needs attention before you start doing “maybe or maybe not“.
  • Fakes is another issue. Try as much as possible to know 1 or 2 installers in other to help get you original cable, connectors and lnb

I think with all those steps, you should be able to fix signal issues on your qsat.

No luck for now for small dish users for next season. But one thing is certain. Hope is on the way. To be frank with you, the only hope is availing yourself a bigger dish, buy Andriod box or you subscribe to Dstv.

I still see Andriod box as the best, if you want to save money and don’t want to miss any match. You still have time to think anyways, but don’t let it to be too late.

My contact details are as follows, (, 07066330624 , call or whatsapp)

Still confused and need more help? Use the comment form below this post and don’t forget to share it with your friends out there and also share with us if it works for you.

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  1. Good one there. Keep it up. Please I need a link to download the latest software for qsat13g+. thanks for your good work.

  2. Oga PAKO thanks God bless u AM d one that called u one night from Kaduna on how to set d ident of sport hd24 i did it as u said its working fine tanx a lot, and nice face lift to ur site keep d good work remain bless.

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  5. Gudafternon sir, i upload the software i.e v8:05, factory reset on my q11 & all the channels (canalsat) are showing but there is no audio. Pls help me

  6. Gud morning pako,pls since 28 june 2016 my canal sat channels had stopped showing but some dstv channels are showing.Pls what could be the problem,I still have 25 days on my account presently.

  7. Goodday mr pako,u said we shld convert our qsat to FTA so that means there is no hope for qsat again.It can not be used to watch dstv and canal sat again.

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