Canalsat And Tvsat And Mytv Now Blazing On Q19G

Finally, Qsat has released the much talked about Q19G which currently doing justices on canalsat, tvsat,seasat and mytv. So far, the channels are stable but i can’t guarantee that it would be great like this even in three days time. We all know Qsat how greedy and cunning they are. If i could recollect, speed hd1 was specifically designed for canalsat and you can’t believe the decoder as dead, so as king of IKS and having getting the unlock keys to canalsat, they will keep using it to scam us. Actually this news is for the iks fans out there because i have been receiving calls, emails and sms about the availability of the decoder.


Now on a new box and different design unlike the previous samples that came with superesat logo. Canalsat still have Epl full right,  UCL, laliga etc.


For now, all the canal sports are 98% stable and i watched full 90 minutes match on it without blinking.


Nat geo world and all the channels are stable. Also mytv hausa, yoruba, tvsat excluding the XXL are all opening.

Spycam is still working on other qsat model but only doing justices to mytv, tvsat and seasat all on 16e. Only canalsat on tcam working on qsat q19.

Other functions from the q19 are, auto roll, sim card slot, tuner is fair, 4k pictures, no LAN, supports WiFi, cccam protocol.

Like i said earlier, i only broke the news for the iks fans out there and which could be added as an option but you would have to bear the epileptic services when the time comes. The box is quiet expensive but worth the price.

My own advice, i will still prefer android tv box to any iks because it won’t last. You would experience lots of entertainment stuffs on it. Current box office movies and so on.


If you have interest on the Qsat Q19G, auto roll decoder, Fully loaded android tv box, call or WhatsApp me on 07066330624.

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5 thoughts on “Canalsat And Tvsat And Mytv Now Blazing On Q19G

  1. Thank Oga Pako for the info. please my Srt4950 refused to auto roll on sports 24 after upgrading it to latest SW version 4.06. please what could be the problem.

  2. hi pakogist,am in uganda ,asking about a decorder by the names of DIGISAT DELUXE3,my question is what upgrade software is this docorder compatible with?

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