Canalsat and Tvsat rocking on Qsat 23 and 26G with Spycam

Once again, i’m back to provide you another update on Qsat, most especially Qsat 23g and Q26g. And also, this update are for those that still currently have active spycam account on their decoder and also for those that still have in stock to sell.

Incase you don’t know or not aware, spycam is now rocking on Q23g and Q26g with the latest software that was released and which can be found HERE. If you want to still invest your money on qsat to buy their spy-scam account, please take your time to go through this little advice and some things i would be pointing out for you.

Just to proof to you that qsat are here to steal from us once more with their silly hide and seek games.

Few months back, they switched off canalsat server because we stopped buying their spycam account which was not stable. So they told us that the current hardwares on their decoders won’t person anymore and that they will have to produce another receiver that will match the current hardwares so as the canalsat service will be 100% stable. Few weeks back, they sent some few samples to some selected fellows, i was opportune to be among. The aim was to compare and make us believe that canalsat will be stable and we should give the go ahead. After we test the new receiver on canalsat, i almost smashed my TV because the freezing was very annoying, just exactly same as on the other older receivers.

They were expecting us to start sending money for them to supply us with the new Q19 and which we refused. After they realized that we are now wiser, meanwhile they already told us that softwares can no longer work on any of their decoders, and they won’t provide any support, they wrote another softwares for Qsat 23g and Q26G. Both softwares auto rolling perfectly on HD 24 and sony and as well added tandberg encryption. So one of the dealer decided to see if truly the chinese could be trusted, we found out that canalsat and mytv, tvsat has been re-opened on spycam server. Their aim now is to still force us to purchase the account because their festival of cow is around the corner and they need money seriously. This was same strategy they used last year if you could remember.

So if you currently have active spycam account, just enjoy the mytv and tvsat package on it because you will smash your tv if you watch canalsat. Soon, those selling spycam account will surface. If you are in Nigeria and knows what’s going on, and you have lot’s of money to burn, i advice you choose dsthieves rather than buying spycam account. They’re greedy and not reliable anymore. Some reports reaching me that the Q23g software also worked on Q15 or so.

Andriod tv box is your best bet. You only use it whenever you want to watch any live match. I do buy 24gb of data for #4100 from data sellers and haven’t exhaust it before 30 days. So it’s now left for you to choose how you want to spend your money.

Wishing you a happy independence celebration!!!

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16 thoughts on “Canalsat and Tvsat rocking on Qsat 23 and 26G with Spycam

  1. “I do buy 24gb of data for #4100” which network?
    Can you introduce the reseller?
    Which android box will you recommend?
    Do you sell?

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