CBST , Husler HD back on 7.oE and Latest Qsat Update

As at 10/14/2015, There are many FTA feeds blazing including CBST (Bein Sports),Husler HD on Eutelsat 7.E. Also on Amos5, there’re lots of FTA there as well, champions TV is also there working as FTA.The frequency and symbol rate is on this website, just search or comment below this post i will repost it. I can’t guarantee you that you will watch live football matches but if CBST is still there as FTA until this weekend, you can watch live soccer on bein sports, also you can watch live soccer match on champions TV, TV5 and others. We all know that free things doesn’t last forever as dst* will do everything possible to keep reporting leaked feeds to the respective satellite owners. The most annoying thing is, whenever we needed them most, (FTA), they disappear and will be off for a while before they surface again. Like i keep saying, if you need a good backup, get yourself an IPTV box or Andriod box to avoid headaches and HBP when match day comes by.

It has been almost 24 hours when qsat finished working on canalsat and to my surprise,  it has been wonderful. Good job done!!! I blind scan and received canal sport 1-4, BBlack just like HipTV, ZEEMAGIC, and lots more all showing without freezing. The issue is, whenever there is live match, all the sports channels will start freezing even though you connect your qsat to 4G network. Gone are the time where only q26, q28 and speedHD1 are only working on qsat, you can as well download and upgrade your decoder with the latest released spycam softwares on all qsat decoders for your respective decoders. You can get the softwares on this blog, all you need do is just search for it. If you’re already on avartacam code and your account hasn’t expired, if you upgrade your decoder with the spycam software, it will wipe off your account. Qsat has merged all account to one server. i.e, after you upgrade your decoder with the latest spycam software, you need just one account for dst* and canalsat on NSS 7. The price has been adjusted a bit, but it will save cost than buying two account on one decoder when compare to just one account for half of double account money. what i mean is, if you normally buy avarcamcode and spycam code for dst* and NSS7 for ten thousand naira,(#10,000.00) you can just buy one account for (#6000) to serve both purpose for 6 months, thereby saving you four thousand naira (#4000).

We have been promised that dst* will be next and whenever it’s on air, dst* is more stable than canalsat.If you need to upgrade your decoder, you can get genuine softwares here from pakogist. Also if you need genuine account, i also have it in stock. You can always reach me anytime by email ( or whatsapp 07066330624

For those in Angola,Ghana,sierea-leone, and other west african countries, you can get zap with this TP (11388 V 3008) They have all dst* package and i can provide you with a test account before you purchase it. The comment box is open for more information about this package.

For the powervu fans, you can get MTN Worldwide on ;

NSS-12 (57.0E)

4147 R 9245 2/3(C-band/MPEG-4)

NSS7 @ 20.0E

4131 R 15404 1/2 with 1.8m dish.

Biss keys:


ECMKEY1=F5 13 9A 14 66 5D 24

Enjoy while it last.


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10 thoughts on “CBST , Husler HD back on 7.oE and Latest Qsat Update

    1. Just provide this TP to an installer. 11388 V 30008. ku band. I think you will need from 2.5m dish to track as Angola is farther from Ghana i think.

  1. Hello sir,
    Would you please help me with the frequency of CBST , HUSLER HD and their biss keys if possible. Thanks in advance

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