cccam for starsat now available

I had to take my time to test the server so that you will at least enjoy what you want to buy. The cccam account is working perfectly and opens the irokoplay,orisun and the most important stations. As you all know or those that haven’t done business with me, i will always tell you the fact before you go for what i advertise.

Starsat is the dish version of startimes. If you had recently tried to track 9 east, that green you always see, ZUKU, on this TP, 11938 H 27500, that’s what i’m talking about. When compared with what you will save, this cccam account is something you should go for , as you will watch COPA America which is to begin in few days time, watch all your local favorite movies, music and so on. It can be tracked with a 90cm dish, ku band. For now, i don’t foresee any threat for even a year using this cccam. The cccam is very very cheap. The only thing they will do is change encryption. So before you contact me for cccam, know that, at any giving time, server might become unstable or account stop working and you buy at your own risk, just as what happened to digisports. But nothing to be scared about as if you buy 6 months account, i guarantee you that you will watch starsat for complete six months.

I don’t know how to use CCCAM on my QSAT and STRONG, click HERE to know how.

To get 100% reliable server, just email, whatsapp or call ;, 07066330624


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