Champion Tv,FTA,Powervu, Qsat Updates

This post are for those that have from 1.8m upwards. Pardon me for this, it’s not intentional. Although if you have from 90cm – 1cm dish, you can as well give champion tv a shot which is temporarily FTA and last night, they aired monday night football (swansea vs stokecity). Champions tv is a bit above the old Mytv and you can track it with

this TP 11046 V 40000, then after hitting green, input this TP 11008 V 05000 and scan. Presently , you will get the following channels;

Redlight TV which  is for 24 hours Adult movie

Glow TV



Lesotho TV




Ad-hoc Events

Relevants and so on.

They have their own decoder and those channels has been FTA for sometime now and remember, free things doesn’t last forever and please don’t call me to request for biss key whenever the channels are scrambled.

For those calling for CBST biss key, you’re still missing it. Many times, i have informed you that those channels can’t be edited on this our popular strong decoder as it’s on “xcrypt” which gives no room for keys. All you need do is to keep vigil on it, whenever it comes back for the few days it will stay, just manage it like that.If you really want to enjoy unlimited soccer viewing and entertainment, get yourself an IPTV or Andriod set top boxes which i have been writing on for sometimes now. whatever decoder or dongle you buy from any website or forum that is advertising it, just a matter of time, it will add up to your dead toys at home like the A+,Azsky,Liberty star and co.  I don’t have any information on Azsky as at it stands now, it’s still dead. Those that keeps spreading rumors and stealing from you, as i always tell those that calls me, anyone saying that Azsky is back and you need a new account, take your box to him and let him put the account, after you satisfy that it’s working, then you can pay. If Azsky is officially back, you get it first from here before the copycats do their job.

48 hours ago, Dst* was back on all Qsat but as usual, the freezing continues, although on canalsat ,it’s a bit more stable than dst* for now. As at this post, Qsat is down.

For those that have 1.8m dish upwards, i got lots of freebies for you. just pick any of this TP,track and enjoy. If you need to go the extra mile, check some of my previous post for powervu TP and keys.

12522 v 27500 for 28.2E KU

11008 V 5000 for 55E KU

3744 V 18315 for 60E Cband

12335 V 27500 and 11801 v 27500 for 16l17E KU

12521 H 27500 for 7E KU.

Enjoy while it last.

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