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Once again i’m here to talk about the Andriod Tv box which is gradually spreading across your neighborhood under your nose without you noticing and also across Africa and all over the world. One of the reasons why we find it difficult to believe that this actually exist it’s because of our high taste on dongles and FTA iks which, whichever you get now or had before will surely get blocked, but in a matter of time. Gone in the days where we won’t be scared of investing on iks dongles like the dead Azsky and so, this time around, there’s a total war on piracy on any so called FTA devices whatever the brand name, age and popularity old and new will be taken down. I’ve been advising all those calling and emailing that the only solution to enjoy paid TV is making the switch to IPTV. For now, it’s only the advanced country that can only enjoy pure IPTV as with as low as $10, you can get 30-40GB of data. In Nigeria here, to get suck amount of data with your money, you would need to spend at leasts close to N50,000.00.

The Andriod TV box i’m having in stock doesn’t require all this huge amount of data as it’s only when you want to stream directly from IPTV server you will need Good internet speed and huge amount of data. Some marketers won’t tell you this, they will only tell you it’s working but they won’t tell you the other side of the huge consumption  of data just like i always do. This box comes pre-installed with almost all the English sports channels showing all EPL, and all leagues across the world. Here i just as requested by some groups and individuals to make at least 30 seconds video, i have listened to your request and here is it;


This is the only chance you will get to fully make the switch rather than keep stocking your homes with dongles and FTA receivers which will later get blocked once it started spreading, wherewhich you will be running around for other alternatives. It doesn’t requires any dish nor, daily, weekly ,monthly or yearly subscription. It’s a plug and play thing with up to 4k picture quality. I connect mine with simple server through my phone and also through my laptop. For those doubting that simpleserver can’t share network through your PC to your devices, it’s just that you don’t know how and what to do to make it work. wifi with ss

All you need to do is download Ucweb browser for Windows PC and install, just as you can see on the screen, it comes with it own Wi-Fi hotspot where you can turn on and other device will connect and start using your simpleserver network on your PC. you don’t need to configure simpleserver or do anything. that’s what i use whenever i want to watch match or i use my router and run psiphon handler on the Andriod TV box and watch anything i like without freezing or channels breaking. You will need at least a 3G network to use simpleserver to feel the speed and enjoy your devices.

The Funniest thing is that, most of the drivers i normally used to deliver the boxes calls and purchase as well. It’s not a boost but a reality. As i do say, don’t be scared to make the switch. Stop wasting your money on dongles which will be blocked at anytime. Join us now before it’s too late.Those in the area that has Visa phone network coverages are really enjoying this with it N3,000 blackberry subscription for 1tetrabyes of data. Give it a try.

We just received more stock from the manufacturer and it’s selling and spreading fast. I don’t just advertise it as others do and not using it. I advertise, sell and use it. To order for one, please send an email to, call 07066330624 , 07050814257

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