Cheap and available means to watch starsat to be available soon

Hello there, i have been silence about the said above subject on this post. To those who knows me and even those that will be reading this for the first time, i write and publish base on what i practice, feel and touch with my own hands.

There has been this talks in town as per cccam opening starsat, if you don’t know what starsat is, it’s startimes. We have the terrestrial and dish setup for startimes. People claimed it’s opening all their sports channels and whenever i request for a test account, i won’t get any reply. Just to let you know that, i will never involve my self with business that will bankrupt me in the future. If i made cccam available for sale, it means i have invested my money on it and will as well resell to recover back my funds. But if i just jumped into it, base on rumors, i will do myself a big harm. This is to say that, the available cccam on starsat in town now only opens about 3-4 channels, according to same image some few guys keep uploading on my group forum. I was also availed some images from starsat, claiming alphabox has started opening it. I don’t use alphabox so if you ask me any further question about that, i will just remain silence.

Few days ago, the server owner supplying account for Eutelsat 9e, 13e and 30w contacted me very early in the morning due to time difference to test the server for starsat cccam. I was availed many test account, it connected. The reason why i refused to make this available to you is because i want at least 90% perfection as it involves my money before i will jump into it. I also advised him to add the starsat package to the 9e account which we have sold out. So if you had purchased any cccam from me recently for digisport, you don’t need to bother yourself as same account will open starsat. I will come up with another full update when we get things flowing. I felt it’s necessary to bring this up here because of the multiple whatsapp messages, emails, SMS and calls i keep receiving pertaining startimes cccam account

Just to add up to this post. I will advice you continue to be patience as to me, i haven’t confirmed any working cccam on startimes yet. But if you one of those that act base on rumors, you’re free to put your money. No harm.


Those chinese guys has a way and trick to collect money from us and it’s a big shame to those that keep campaigning or let me say promoting their service because of the little profit they will get from it. If you don’t know, the available spycam account has stopped working for months. I mean, if you had purchased a spycam account last month, you will have to purchase another before it will work. And as we all know, spycam has never worked for complete sixty (60) minutes without freezing channels. I keep saying it that whenever they are broke, they will find a way to make the server stable for some weeks. After they have sold millions of account, they will run away. You won’t get any joy watching Qsat with spycam. I will rather advice you keep your money and buy startimes cccam whenever it’s made available to the public.

Disclaimer aim is to avail the ordinary man cheaper means of watching premium channels which we all tagged as FTA. So before you put your money into any of this, just be fully aware that anytime, the real service providers can shut down their service or block any available means of watching their channels in an illegal way or whatever way. I don’t involve myself on “hacks” but provide means to watch any premium channels “cheaper” to save your hard end money as our Government has failed to live up to it responsibilities. You agree to purchase cccam or dongle and use it at your own risk!!!


In essence, if you feel you are paying too much money to watch premium channels legitimately and wants an alternative, i mean permanent and you can afford at least #3000 to #4000 monthly, i will again strongly advice you avail yourself an Andriod Box. IPTV set top boxes will frustrate you even though you’re on a 4G network. Funny thing, we don’t even have one in Nigeria here that we can say it’s actually a 4G network. So andriod box will 1000% suit 3G networks and their are cheaper data plans available now. Maybe you don’t know that you can get 8gb of data for #800 every weekend. Another available alternatives is to avail yourself from 300cm dish upwards, as the channels you will watch on it with cccam and other FTAs have been available for years. With bigger dish, no threat. But don’t expect any miracle on smaller dish anymore.

The choice is yours. I will stop here for now. All things being right, i will let you know if we can go for startimes cccam or not as if i don’t give the green light, no other guy will be bold enough to tell you it’s available 😀 😀 😀

Congratulations to my other Manchester United fans out there!!!

Enjoy your day!!!, whatsapp or call 07066330624 for business purposes only!!!

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2 thoughts on “Cheap and available means to watch starsat to be available soon

  1. I have read 2 or 3 of yur write up and I see it dat yu are a gud man. You don’t write what is not true. Anything you say is 100% confirm. Pls keep it up and Almighty God we always be wt yu

  2. I am always on your post reading day and night don’t want to mist on anything else, you are always on time, you say what is the true and you say what is wrong, continue what you are always doing and i am asking every time to give you a long life.

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