Cheapest data subscription options to be used on the Android box

Over two hundred (200) users of our andriod box could testify and believe that truly, the future is IPTV, through the andriod box. Although many people are scared to go into it and suffering in silence thinking you will have to give half of your savings to our network ISP in other to fully enjoy the andriod box. Thank goodness, for over 8 years, i’ve been one of the most loyal citizen browsing for free, which to me is my right, because the ogas at the top, after sending them in, they won’t spend a dime on data and i could 100% confirm that they’re using IPTV device. I have successfully sold some to them as well as some NTA staffers and they applaud the campaign on the future in other to bring down dsthieves.

Now people are still asking what is this andriod box. Is it a TV, or decoder or dongle? The simple answer is, it’s a multimedia box.

shipping through dhl

Very small in size, you connect to your TV through HDMI or AV cable.

Another question that keeps popping in is, how many amount of data would it consume daily, weekly or monthly? most people keeps saying the one they once had consumes a lot of data and it’s as well an andriod box and it can’t be configured for free streaming. But one thing they failed to understand it, any device can run on andriod platform. This doesn’t meant it must have playstore and can install andriod app.

All the brands of andriod box we have can all be configured and tweaked to stream for free or at most you subscribe #1000 monthly and all the channels on it are free. You watch the channels of your choice like bein sports 1-16, BTsports, Skysports,PTV,star sports ,Cth stadium and lots more. You can as well watch all leagues, be FA, laliga,copa derel,bundesliga,carling ,UCL,europa and so on, you enjoy kodi and thousands of seasonal movies without a glitch and in HDs. You don’t need any dish or need to subscribe for any channel. It’s totally free for life and can never be blocked, scrambled or frozen. Unlimited movies, cartoons, porns, music and many more.

Now i will be sharing with you different options you can use on the box, which we will tweak and configure before sending out if you order from us.

tweakware1 tweakware2


As you could see on the screenshot, even 4G LTE works free on the box. SAS, Psiphone handler, driod vpn and so on. Many options. Nowadays, MTN is even free, meaning you don’t have to pay a dime to watch any channel after you purchase it. If you’re lucky enough to have smile, spectranet or swift 4G network, it’s another big advantage because it works free without buying any bundle. Incase you don’t know, unlike MTN and Etisalat, it streams flawlessly when using with VPN or any tweak.

Much has been said for now. If you’re interested in having this wonderful and powerful device, call or email, whatsapp (, 07066330624)  We have sold to the 4 political zones across Nigeria, and also across West Africa. It’s spreading all over under your nose and it’s far more better than dsthieves or any temporarily FTA we have for now because the days of dongle are over, don’t let anyone deceive you to buy any decoder that will be dead later on. Join the future now!!!

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  1. Do U have someone in Abuja who I can buy it from. You promised to send a number still am expecting. My mobile will be in your sms asap.

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