Checkout the new Android Box / Satellite Receiver with 12 Months IKS Account

On this article, i would be briefly reviewing this Android tv box with satellite receiver options that does justices to Dst******, Ote sports on Eutelsat  9e and as well opening all the channels there as well for small dish owners, also opening novasports channels on hotbird, hispasat and Nilesat for the big dish owners.

The receiver named “TIGER3000” has been in town since September 2016. Due to the then serious hardship in town and also to monitor the device not to fall into wrong hands,  and how good and strong is the server should in case of attack or upgrade, we chose not to publish anything about it. So far so good, it has withstood so many upgrades, attack and it opens all the HD super-sports channels on Dst***** and also the SD, canal + sports 1 $ 2 etc. Apart from that, it opens the stubborn Ote sports on Eutelsat 9.0e which also has full EPL right. So should incase Dst*** goes off, at least their would be still something to fall upon on. Though quite expensive, it’s a complete loaded receiver for the IKS fan. The server or the box has nothing to do with china, it was why it has been up and running for about 6-7 months now, and don’t be too carried away, dongle would still be dongle. Most times it could be so frustrating and most times, you will enjoy it for steady 3-4 months.

Like is said earlier, it comes with 12 months account after activation. Also since it’s an Android tv box, it also comes with 12 months Appolo IPTV account, the only disadvantage on the box are, the 1GB ram and Android 4.4 Kitkat it comes with. Meaning all my Android tv boxes, the 1GB rams are on Andriod 5.1 with 4K pictures and latest chips, and also the 2gb and 3gb ram boxes that comes with Android 6.0 and 6.1.

Just like i keep telling you for the past few months or let me say years, the future is IPTV, and Android tv boxes are the talk of the town now. It could be tweaked to your taste, the reason the Tiger3000 was made Android is that, if eventually in the future the server get blocked, the IPTV would never ever be blocked. 12 months would run from the very first second to the last second. Gone are those days when we use data calculator to monitor what we stream online, download or browse, i can assure you on data to swim on to only my customers that purchases my Tv boxes and also those that are willing to.

The tiger3000 delivery time is between 2 days to 5 days depending on your location. Outside Nigeria, 2-3 business days shipping with any available courier company. So if you need the device, please you only need to contact me through whatsApp and not call (07066330624) outside Nigeria, please include the country code, (+234)

I would still go for Android tv box fully loaded if i was to choose because i can control and choose what to watch and what not to. Whenever i’m travelling, i always go along with it. Any hotel room i lodge, i easily plug it to their TV and watch because i have data to play with and also most of the hotels has free WIFI 🙂 as well. To read more about the Android tv box, how it works and how to get them, please click HERE.


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7 thoughts on “Checkout the new Android Box / Satellite Receiver with 12 Months IKS Account

    1. All boxes has links to purchase on jumia, which i also list the specifications. But we have higher specs as well. You can chat me on whatsapp for more information.

  1. In addition, what is the data consumption management efficiency if you are are to leave it working for 24hours. many MB or GB of data minimum will be consumed.

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