Choosing the right softwares for Gsky v6 for HBO 68.5E and HD 24 on 35.5W auto roll

It’s unfortunately that gsky company has discontinued gsky v6, that’s why they paid little attention to it and now finding things difficult making the receiver perform to it maximum capacity as it was in the early stages.

My last article HERE , i posted the latest software gsky team released claiming to fix HD 24 auto roll on 34.5w. It was tested by different users and actually failed to auto roll hd 24 on 34.5w, due to comments from you the end users, which the gsky team always follow on this blog, they decided to do some modifications on the softwares. It sounds somewhat frustrating but for now, in other to enjoy hd 24 on 34.5w, you would have to adjust to the following steps outlined below. This was forwarded to me by their software engineer;

2016 August, some GSKY V6 African user report there some auto roll issues happen when they watch 68.5e HBO/CNN package and 34.5e Sport24(MTN Worldwide package).

here some skill how to select right software to fix the issues.

GSKY team release a new software for GSKY V6 (version 20160822) to update powervu auto-roll algorithm for 68.5e HBO/CNN, all West African and East African user if want continue enjoy 68.5e HBN/CNN package by auto roll can select this software to do upgrade. see below page to get newest GSKY V6 software to fix  68.5e HBO/CNN issues,
GSKY V6 newest software download

34.5w sport24 powervu key changed but GSKY V6 new software after 2016 April base on new algorighm data structure which need match algorighm to each satellite.  GSKY V6 software did not have 34.5W INTELSAT903 in default list so auto roll not running well for 34.5w sport24.

West African User who focus more to enjoy 34.5w sport24 can use old GSKY V6 software to enjoy auto roll. all GSKY V6 software version before 2016 April do not need match with default satellite list(latitude). below link give the software for 20160109, as many user test it perfect auto roll with 34.5w sport24.
GSKY V6 software version 20160109 which keep rolling well for 34.5w sport24

my conclution,

for East African user, you can enjoy 68.5e all powervu package and 57e Sport24(MTN package) by newest GSKY V6 software version 20160822;

for West African user, you can enjoy 68.5e all powervu package by newest GSKY V6 software version 20160822,  and use GSKY V6 old software veresion 20180109 to enjoy 34.5w Sport24(MTN package).

New model GSKY V7 and GSKY V5 developed base on new platform and auto-roll algorithm data structure, all Powervu channels will always keep auto-roll well by newest software release.


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14 thoughts on “Choosing the right softwares for Gsky v6 for HBO 68.5E and HD 24 on 35.5W auto roll

    1. Big solo please how did you update your alphabox. Mine av refused to update. The software I downloaded from this site does not work for my alphabox, its saying software not compatible. Please I need help.

  1. I knew there was a problem but thank God its been solved.I have since been enjoying ma V6 after the engineer sent me that software.Gud work Pako.

  2. Hello sir i download the latest software of gsky v6 instead of getting it in rar format it is in txt format I dont know what’s wrong with it

  3. Yes i have download from the link it shows rar before you download but after downloading it appears in txt and it refuse to be extracted to binary

  4. @Manny,the latest software autorolls perfectly on 57E but not on 34.5W. U have to downgrade to a lower version before it can autoroll on 34.5W.

  5. hi the boss from my research this morning i saw that mtnworldwide/sports 24 beams are very closed to africa with this satellite NSS 7 europe and middle east beams ,pls clarify me.

  6. You can enjoy 68.5e all powervu package by newest v6 update with software version 20160822 and select 57e Nss12 in default satellite list to install 34.5w(intelsat 903 sport 24hd (Mtn worldwide package) for auto roll.

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