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  1. pls sir I use this key: 00= 71 99 81
    9B 0C F0 4F.
    01= 7E E0 F0 0C FF BF 66
    for Sony 68.5east
    But the channels did not
    unscramble. Has the powerVU key
    stop working?
    If yes kindly send me the latest working powerVU key. Thanks

  2. Have this decoder joy prime 4922D+ don’t know how to enter cccam or power vu ,please don’t know if u know about the decoder setup

  3. Key0 : 9F 2A D6 37 FF 36 E7
    Key1 : 9A 4C 0A 13 DB 03 7C 00 < 09.09.206 3eme Update
    please the above is the new key I used but the channels did not come up. Please what can I do and what is the meaning of 3eme update

    1. 07066330624. we have more than 6 different models in stock. Just contact me on whatsapp to get yours. It’s selling hot and you would love it.

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