CTHSTADIUM On SportCenterHD for Andriod Tv Box

Day in and out, i keep exploring kodi addon to make me enjoy my andriod tv box to the fullest. The truth is, the IPTV account you have out there, they are just same popular sports channels we have on many free applications. I mean the bein sports, skysports and etc. But the good thing about andriod box is, you get to watch all those stuffs using free applications which even has 2G link, 3G and also on kodi.

I came across this wonderful kodi addon and want to share with you. It’s called “SPORTCENTRE HD”. This addon will list all live matches so that you can easily watch any of your choice.

Brand New & contains Streams for Live Uk + Euro Footy, Plus your usual SkySports, Bt Sports, FoxSports etc etc, All in HD.

This one’s Installed from the DOKI Repo, the zip file can be downloaded from Here.

I really like this one, it also contains a couple of other crackers like moneysports, sportsdevil(dutch) & NJMSoccer, so if you’re into you’re footy, this is a very handy resource, especially on a busy weekend when streams can be tough to find.

Here’s a quick peek into the Repo>

Screenshot (1550)

Lets begin the Install…1>Firstly open up your kodi & head for FILE MANAGER>

Screenshot (1524)

2>Next we want to hit ADD SOURCE>

Screenshot (1525)

3>Now we want to hit NONE>

Screenshot (1526)

4>Next we want to enter our source Url>http://repo.dokitv.nl/

Screenshot (1527)

5>Next we want to hit the lower box & input a name for the repo & hit OK, i’m going to use DOKI in this case>

Screenshot (1528)

6>Now head back to the home screen & hit SYSTEM>

Screenshot (1529)

7>Now hit ADD-ONS>

Screenshot (1530)


Screenshot (1531)

9>Now we want to hit the DOKI repo>

Screenshot (1532)

10>Now hit repository.doki.zip>

Screenshot (1533)

11>Now wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED or UPDATED>

Screenshot (1534)

12>Now we want to head to INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY>

Screenshot (1535)

13>Next hit DOKITV.NL.Repository>

Screenshot (1536)

14>Next hit VIDEO-ADD-ONS>

Screenshot (1537)

15>Now hit SportsCenterHD>

Screenshot (1538)

16>Now hit INSTALL>

Screenshot (1539)

17>wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification>

Screenshot (1540)

Booyakashah, SportsCenterHD is now installed & ready to rock & roll.

Here’s a quick look at the main menu & some of today’s games (8/5/16)>

Screenshot (1546)

And here’s a look a a screen shot, just so you can see the quality on offer>

BT Sport 1

Screenshot (1547)

FoxSport 1

Screenshot (1548)

CTH Stadium 1

Screenshot (1551)

CTH Stadium 3

Screenshot (1552)












Check around you or ask installers size of dish to get all those channels. EPL is live here on andriod box

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7 thoughts on “CTHSTADIUM On SportCenterHD for Andriod Tv Box

  1. Thanks, sir. In Ghana we are not lucky like you Nigerians. Mtn and other networks sell data bundles to Ghanaians three times higher than the same isps sell to Nigerians. Sir, what can you do to help Ghanaians in terms of data so that we can also enjoy iptv?

  2. Oga Pako U are such a guru in sat world i did exactly how u demonstrated, and now am watching live match on my laptop via sky sport.please how many MB Can i use to watch full match on SD Live streaming tanx remain bless?

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