Again for 20 minutes, Azsky worked on 13/05/2015, meaning they are still putting finishing touches to their server.
As we are all aware that Qsat has been fully back but to me not ok, you can join the fun by upgrading your decoder with the lastest software that was released by the Qsat team of Engineers. You can get the softwares from these (articles)
Also for those that are still waiting for the resurrection of Azsky, i want to assure you that it’s worth the wait. Calm down, don’t invest your money yet on any dongle business or purchase any decoder until we can confirm the full functionality  of any dongles or decoder as they are just recovering from the attack from the D*TV engineers.
To keep yourself busy and up to date with sport world, i will again list some few channels that broadcast live football matches weekdays and weekend.
1.TV3 on multiTV is still very working. Search through the website for the biss key.(They broadcast the UCL on weekdays and EPL on weekend)
2.Irib TV is also one of the best for now as they have 3 dedicated channels for sports alone. It’s on arabsat 20.0.e are still working.
3.PTV is still another option, though they mostly broadcast cricket matches but gives way to football live matches as well.Biss key to unscramble the channel
is on this website. Just search for it.Requires from 2m-2.4m dish

Status of MBC HD and BEIN SPORTS.
In one of my previous article(s) i did mentioned that the above mentioned channels are gone forever!!
Reasons is because, we don’t keep our mouth shut. Although the d*tv engineers has a hand on this reporting to the satellites owners, for now,
they are no more. To my findings, they have moved to another satellite which we have been trying to locate and i hope soon enough, we will surely
locate the satellite. But for those that want to watch MBC HD by all means, you can as well get a MYTV decoder,subscribe and get an installer to track MYTV for you
and you’re on the go.
As i did mentioned earlier on one of my article, IPTV is here to stay and we soon take over the satellite world as i bet you in five (5) years time, there would be no dish
outside anyone’s house. IPTV decoders is the best but the only disadvantages to we Nigerians are mostly cost of data and slow internet connectivity as we need high speed internet
to Enjoy IPTV. I did introduce one of the decoders but due to high demands, we don’t have any in stock for now.
The New Pakogist Store.
You can now place your order online for any respective decoders ,dongles and accounts of your choice on our newly built store which is still in the last stage on completion (
We have most of the decoders in stock both new and used and we ship to anywhere in Nigeria in 1-2 days and Across west Africa in 5-7 days depending on the location.
More details would be coming soon when the store is fully functional.

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