Decoder reviews on IPTV and Powervu

Just as i promised last time, i said i would be sharing with you some of the best decoders you can consider buying out there for powervu and which can also be useful in the future for IPTV. Also, i would be sharing with you few of my collections and one of my dish setup. It’s all about gathering options irrespective of the current blackout for small dish users and for the coming 2016/2017 football season.

Before i proceed, i will like to give you some fact and reasons we lost packages on smaller dish, my own view.

We bloggers. The bloggers are source of information and also forum to you out there. So without us, you will be constantly paying tithe from your small savings to paid tv owners, where which you can get all this stuffs for let me say free. But nowadays, some bloggers are the once killing our hustle. Cccam is “stealing” and anything you steal, you will keep your mouth shut and enjoy it. I normally talked about cccam and dongles, even Qsat, but i never for once posted any channel list, which will be auto block if i do it. Because if you think we don’t have people monitoring us, you’re mistaken.

So for now, i’m sorry, the end of startimes has come to an end due to childish act  of some guys out there posting working channels online. I only feel pity for you the small dish users out there.

That done, let me proceed to today’s business by sharing with you some few decoders out there that works perfectly for me and which i felt will be useful to me in the future when powervu fix the loopholes from their system.

Take a closer look of some of my collections;


You have to zoom the image to view it, as the picture is very clear. On that image, i have strong 4922a, SuperEsat, Qsat28g, Gsky V5. And for Andriod box, i have five (5) different boxes. M8, M8s, MXQ, Jadootv and MXV.

All the receivers and multimedia players i have does different jobs for me. For powervu, the best auto roll decoder i can advice you to get is “GSKY V5” because of it portability and functionalities. Apart from it auto roll keys offline without internet which others does, it has premium IPTV functions, cccam menu, account for bigger dish. So incase of the future, if powervu goes off, you can enjoy the box with IPTV.

Another decoder i can share with you to purchase is “super esat”. This decoder accept all Qsat softwares. It holds signal perfectly than qsat, has antenna, sim card slot, 3G and WIFI functions. If you get 60% quality on strong, Super esat will give you 70-72%. Unlike Qsat that misbehave on diseqc and splitter due to the security on their decoders, this very decoder holds the signal on both polarization and work like majic. You can even load spycam account into it, but that won’t stop if from freezing because Qsat will be always Qsat.

Another receiver out there is the best and king for FTA. SRT4922A. If you don’t have this receiver, i bet you, you’re really missing. Apart from you do everything manually, it’s still the best to have. For Qsat28g, i see it as the best decoder they have produced. For now, spycam is off totally on canalsat. Just as i keep saying, whenever they need money, they will use some of the bloggers out there to collect it from you in the name of “gathering options”


The above pics is my cband setup. I also have Eutelsat 9e and other FTAs on my smaller dishes.

One thing i will advice you to get no matter what is “Andriod Box”. It’s a pity that only the mega cities are enjoying 4G networks and most of them are cheaper. In lagos, there’s this 4G network called “cyberspace”. They are selling 35Gb of data for #3500. That is amazing right? With that, you will know that IPTV can never be compared to what will pay 15k monthly to watch. As much as i know and could tell you, it’s making ground. Even though we discover EPL for small dish users today, i bet you, it won’t last for a week.

I reside in Nigeria and know how things are. But they say when their is life, there’s hope. Keeping your self busy with all this stuff could correct any abnormality in the system without your notice. It’s about gathering options, and gathering the best and right once which would be useful for you in the coming years. Because, powervu we are enjoying now is “hacked”, which would be “Patch” very very soon. I won’t do any prophetic things anymore, but you wait and see for yourself.

Most of the above discussed receivers are available in stock. Andriod box (Programmed), SuperEsat, Gsky V5, strong 4922a. I’m sorry i don’t do business with Qsat. So if you need any of those, just email me, whatsapp or call.

(, 07066330624)

Do you have a different ideas, questions or suggestions? Use the comment box below.


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41 thoughts on “Decoder reviews on IPTV and Powervu

  1. It is rather unfortunate this has to happen. I dont know why someone has to go to that extent of listing working channels. The very first day he did that I complained about it that it was a wrong move and truly i have been vindicated. Anyway, we hope for the best.

  2. Hello what are the biss keys for the following stations on muilti tv channels
    kennis music , Nta new 24 Channel tv Gotel tv ,TV Africa, MTN GET TV CNBC AFRICA , I Music channel

  3. pakogist pls i got a new supermax lnb cos my old strong lnb got damaged after a rainfall..but the supermax lnb only receives the afn channels and the nta channels but not the sports24 package…i have blind scanned and done whatever but to no avail….is it the lnb or…?

    1. Jaga, try another strong lnb. Supermax has a lot of fake lnb. I installed for a friend and his lnb was faulty. Due to price difference , he asked me to buy supermax and when I put supermax on his 2.4m dish, the signal for sport 24 is not coming up only nta. When I used my own strong lnb on it, it turned green immediately and that was the third time thesame thing happened and he had to buy strong lnb and it’s working fine now. I have 2 supermax lnb that is useless now

  4. Pls sir, I have bought Newmax NM 779HD decoder, could you kindly help with how to download new sotfware, input biss and powervu keys and add new channels on to the decoder. Tnx .

    1. Hi, this post may be too old but i also need a software for this decoder. I googled so many days without success. thsnkyou

  5. Pls like you said that Super Esat can accept Qsat software, which of the Qsat model software is auto-role?
    I would want to upgrade my Super Esat to it, because there is no update from Super Esat.

      1. Pakogist, since you said that Super Esat can accept Qsat software, which Qsat software is auto-role that i can use for my Super Esat?


  6. Mr Pakogist what could be the distance of the holder from the nut you are tying holder for 68.5e and at the point it is curving or at the point it is making an L shape from 57e to the nut holding 68.5e

  7. Nice one pakogist, dis site look more beautiful dan before. Back to de topic, it’s very annoying for some bloggers listing working starsat channels on dir blog. I don’t even enjoyed my cccam acctn reached two days before dem blocked it.

  8. regards. please what size is your dish in the above picture? is it really 1.8m? cause I’ve tried with mine with no avail here in Togo. or is it because of my location?

    1. 4922a is better in terms of signal. gsky is a core powervu decoder. Auto rolls even when you’re watching it without internet or needing softwares.

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