(Note: If you are buying your azsky recharge codes from untrusted sources, you will get random error till eternity without any solution, especially if you were given a used azsky recharge code. The only way to know if an account as been used if only when you buy through trusted dealers who may help you ask azsky engineers. M3 Random Errors of azsky recharge tools is 60% caused by bad / unstable internet, 15% caused by defective devices 5% due to bad usage of flashtool or accessories and 20% caused by a hitherto used account)

As the name implies, random simply means events happening, done or chosen by chance rather than according to plan. Similarly M3 random error in azsky recharge tool can be interpreted in so many ways and it can be avoided in most cases. For example, if you get : m3 random error, recharge failed, failed to get username, it may mean one of the followings:


  1. No internet, slow internet, unstable or interrupted internet
  2. invalid azsky recharge codes
  3. used azsky recharge codes
  4. Dongle has not been previously flashed with azsky flashtool
  5. Dongle has been damaged through wrong flashing method with flashtool
  6. Dongle was not allowed to properly boot for at least 30 seconds before recharge toll is used
  7. Fake azsky dongle
  8. dongle has hardware defect
  9. incompatible rs232 cable or damaged rs232 cable
  10. olde tools and firmwares are being used
  11. User forget to connect rs232 cable properly or at all after using flashtool.
  • For you to be successful using azsky recharge tool, you must have a stable direct internet connection.(Not connection through a vpn or proxy). Use your normal connection that browses smoothly on your computer
  • You must use a good, tested to be okay rs232 cable, especially the one that come with the dongle. Now this part is very tricky, you can use a defective rs232 cable with flashtool, but you can’t use a defective cable with azsky recharge tool. So if your recharge failed, and you think you have done every other thing right, it is time you borrow another rs232 cable.
  • You must use only azsky recharge tool v3.06 or newer
  • Your azsky recharge code must not be less than “16” digits of alphanumeric characters and it must be valid. I mean no other dongle must have loaded it before. So please, buy from a trusted supplier.


  • The new azsky account is in form of a recharge code of just 16 digits but it has a serial number for identification purpose only. for example if you get an account from me, i may send it with the serial number and it will look like: 3491 A5A836872BFC19C8 the first three or four digits are the serial number while the last 16 digits highlighted in red are the recharge code. when recharging your dongle, you only need to copy the 16 digits code.
  • The current azsky account as explained above has a uniform validity date for all azsky products. Explaining this further, i mean there is no difference between the account to be used on G1 or G6. Secondly the account codes comes with six months for all devices.Gone are the days when G1+ accounts starts with Q*** and G1 D****. now same account format are used for all products of azsky.
  • The new azsky software is what will determine the acceptance of the account, so download the appropriate software for your box.

Irrespective of the error you get, be it recharge fail, M3 random get error, get SN fail or any error not mentioned here, the following tips will help you bypass all errors if fully observed.

  1. Make sure the version of the recharge tool you are using is not lesser than v3.06
  2. If You get any of the following errors: Recharge failed, M3 get random error .Solution: Simply try reloading your account using only azsky recharge tool. try doing this at your earliest opportunity and as many times as possible until you receive a success message. Please don’t use azsky flashtool to re-flash your dongle again once you are sure that you used the flashtool successfully the first time. If this m3 random errors persist, please use a fresh desktop computer
  3. If you receive the following errors “recharge failed, dongle doesn’t return sn or username”. Solution: there could be two reasons, 1. For
    1.there is no account histrory in the dongle, meaning the dongle has never been upgraded before not even with the old account type or 2.the dongle just powered on,the software is being initialized,please wait above 2 minutes,then begin to upload the account.
    . So if you get the above error, make sure you insert an active sim card, wait for like 2 minutes after powering on your dongle before uploading your account with recharge tool. You must know that, you need to disconnect your dongle from your computer after flashing it with azsky flashtool before using recharge tool on it
  4. Make sure the G1+ and the G1 software you are using is not lesser than V2
  5. Please don’t carry over any former assumptions from the way you used to load former accounts. Please follow the loading instructions of the new accounts to the last letter.
  6. You need a strong and stable internet to use azsky recharge tool because the recharge codes are not offline codes and one account cannot be used twice on different box or on another box
  7. You must also know that once you successfully use flashtool to flash your dongle, you have successfully factory reset your decoder in preparation of account loading.
  8. To make things easier for you even if you are a geek, please use a desktop computer running windows xp operating system. am not saying you may not be successful with the loading using window 7 or win 8. you will be better off using windows xp.
  9. If you get recharge fail error and m3 get random error please do the followings: check the serial port ,if it has some connection problem and please wait the dongle led become to red,then press recharge button if that doesn’t solve it, please try loading very late at night or early in the morning
  10. Please insert an active sim card with a mobile data bundle or airtime into the dongle and wait for like 1minute before you press the upgrade button on recharge tool
  11. You must not skip the flashtool step. You must flash your box with flashtool and the new software anytime you want to load a new account
  12. When loading the account code, if you get M3 Random ok, please wait till it tells yousuccessful before you disconnect your azsky from your computer.
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