How to differentiate between fake and original Alphabox receiver

With the recent events on the satellite world, most especially the powervu thing, which has caused panic buys on china toys, i just chose to inform you about some fake decoders out there which you would never know. You would only know when you get home and open the carton.

One of the most common and sold decoder for powervu is “Alphabox”. If you ask me to mention three (3) auto roll decoders, alphabox won’t come in but would in come into my own top 5 list. To me, i don’t see decoders updating keys with internet as an auto roll. Most times we quickly fall into victims of all this china toys because it’s cheap and also provides temporarily answers to watching premium channels. In the same vein, due to it popularity, there’re cloned or let say fake alphabox decoders out there, most especially the X4 and X6. So if you must purchase an alphabox, visit a shop where you know they can power it and connect to tv before you pay. According to the dealers, here are the pictures and background of the original alphabox deocders;


Background should look like this;


And these are the background of the acclaimed cloned or fake alphabox receiver;




NB; The acclaimed fake alphabox also auto rolls and doesn’t accept softwares and also can’t accept jscam. So “SHINE YOUR EYES

Either way, if you want to keep watching HD 24 and needs an auto roll decoder, i will advise you go for gsky or superesat. EMM UA is getting close to it expiry date so we would see the auto roll decoders that will survive. I’m not condemning any box but i pretty know what i’m saying because i do all my things with fairness and truth.

Videoguard has been added to powervu sony channels on Asiasat 100.5E, so gradually i might come to 68.5e as well and that would be the end story to sony.

I still very know how things are and stocking dead toys at home. If i were you, i would get an andriod box to continue watching all sports and football league in this world. Good thing data is very cheap, so i don’t see any excuses not to go for it except you have money to throw away.

We still have programmed andriod tv box in stock, superesat and gsky v5 auto roll decoders. So if you need any of these, please  call or whatsapp 07066330624 or send email to

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9 thoughts on “How to differentiate between fake and original Alphabox receiver

  1. Well articulated article brother for they say for warned is for armed. Powervu channels days could be numbered. Thankyou Mr PAKOGIST

  2. To me alphabox is still the best considering the price and all this talk of using internet to autoroll it is false. My own is working very without any internet.

      1. Mr pako i really apprieciate your thoughts on decorders just as you have alway say all these decorders will later serve us FTA toys

  3. Great goodness. I never saw this in time. thanks a lot for the info. I now understand why my decoder gives me the “boot” msg. can not even reset. bought it in Aug 2017 and the boot issue started in September. mine is ALPHABOX X5-T2 HD. I now know its a fake. no wonder I never found a solution to the model. keep such info coming always.

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