Digisports finally left Eutelsat 9.0 East(3rd Update)

If you woke up this morning and turn on your TV and find this;


and also this;


And also for those that keep calling my phone and sending me emails, thinking i sold you an account that stopped working, this is your answer;


This is one of the reasons i asked my loyal followers and those that have ears, not to fall into hands of bloggers who are just after your money to stop buying cccam for 9 east. The first day i found out that austriasat are leaving 9 east, about a month ago, that very day, the money i collected for cccam, i refunded all.

Now the truth is, i shouldn’t be making noise with this digisports of a thing but i intentionally did it for two or three purposes. The first one is to let the clients knows that the cccam we sold for them are not fakes, secondly, just a proof that you shouldn’t wait for any public updates as some popular bloggers are saying that before any FTA or channels are going off, their would be public announcement or whatever sensitization , and lastly, to inform those that claimed that they have been tracking since 1869 and have exist since 1407 that they blog based on ideas and depend on some bloggers to update before they do.

Why am i saying all this, it’s because, incase of next time, whenever you heard of any FTA, and to be used with cccam, you should be well alerted that anything can happen as FTA has no guarantee, soldier go, soldier come, barracks remain. My brother, let me not deceive you, this won’t work on FTA on smaller dished, from 90-120 cm, that statement is for those that has big ugly dish(BUD). Most times, people normally say it’s not dstv that caused it, but in case you don’t know, dstv took champion TV to court because champion TV is showing live matches which are FTA. So if you believe they are not involve in FTA disappearing on small dish, you are wasting your time.

I’m glad that i could be able to proof to some of you that any news i bring up here, it’s based on 1000% research and practices. And for those that are expecting FTA on smaller dish, you better go get a 400cm dish, if you have space in your house, or you get dstv official package and pay twelve thousand naira (#12,000,00) monthly, and also know you will have to purchase fuel which is almost #150 per litre and whether you watch it or no, after 30 days, you would be disconnected!

Now the reason why i keep recommending Andriod box to you is, i’m not trying to force it on you. I use it, so i know what i’m saying. Now the thing you should know is, some IPTV servers, even though you’re on 500MBPS network, it will be skipping annoyingly. This doesn’t mean your network isn’t ok, but the IPTV server is not good. I have purchased IPTV servers worth $36, $137, and $187 just to test it on one of the IPTV box a manufacturer sent to me as a sample, at the end of the day, thanks to paypal, i was able to recover back all my money because the servers were unstable. Kodi alone on Andriod box should serve all your need. You don’t need an IPTV account. Only Kodi can give you 100% and newly released movies, watching soccer league across the world and lots more, with channels you will spend the whole week counting through installed addons. The good thing is, we already programmed all this if you get from us. You need an Android box if you want to keep watching EPL and any football league. Now tell me, those powervu decoders you got few months back when FTA was on smaller dish, are you still using it? The answer is no, because i know all what is going on FTA world.

Just as i always say, “FTA is use while it last thing”, don’t blame anyone ,installers, dealers or blogger for selling you FTA or cccam, because you should have known it has no guarantee at all.

Choose right, choose the best and stay cool!!!

Don’t call me for FTA, only business purposely only, else i will drop your call (info@pakogist.com, 07066330624 or whatsapp)

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  1. Abeg boss pls kindly help me with latest vpn I can use for my android pc cos am seriously missing my iptv am using tweakware vpn before with etisalat and swift before… Now non of em is working and etisalat social me now have data cap… Pls I need your help boss with another working vpn pls God bless u

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