Download 3D Tech Auto Roll Software for Powervu – FTA Updates for Small Dish Users

I came across this software in my group and decided to share with you. Many people have been requesting for the auto roll software which it wasn’t available until someone did some kind of majic to avail us the software. Please download from the link below;

As usual, get a clean usb drive for the downloading and upgrading.

Many FTAs has been flying across the satellites which are available for the small dish users, i mean the 60cm – 100cm dish users.

MBC => MBC has been available on badr 26.5E for few months now, same on the west, but this one is easier to track even with 60cm dish on some locations. You can track with this tp 12284 v 27500

KWESE TV => Kwese tv has been flying around, i think they’re trying to spread their packages across all the reachable satellites around Africa, as in, trying to spread it on satellites we can easily receive the signal irrespective of our locations. Located at 51.5e using biss encryption, now they’re located on Eutelsat 7.0E, track with 12738 v 30000 (85cm dish above) and blindscan, and they’re also located on Intelsat20 , the ku beam, old mytv location. You can get it with these informations;

Intelsat 20 (IS-20) @ 68.5° East
Fréq: 12633 – V – 16166
MPEG 2 – 4:2:0 – SDTV
ID:Kwese Free Sport
CW:F8 D1 08 D1 17 AB C8 8A

Kwese tv, last time gave us copa derel, on a blessed weekday, and since stopped which i think they was test running. I think sooner or later, we would have all this packages in full after they begin full production.

NEW MYTV => AMC series, fox sports 1&2 etc are still available for free on the satellite. You can get this with just a 60cm dish, although we have cccam available doing justices to the satellite but you can still enjoy the free premium packages while it last. To track, use 10804 h 30000 and then blindscan.

Andriod tv box are still available for the soccer fans out there. We still got fully loaded box in stock. Reach us for your own copy.


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13 thoughts on “Download 3D Tech Auto Roll Software for Powervu – FTA Updates for Small Dish Users

  1. merry xmas
    how are u doing? its been quite sometime. pls just want to know which sat that that cccam u mention is working with?

  2. Why i like reading your article is that you always make it easire for some of us to understand with the help of pix. For the new software posted, pls what series of decoder is made for and the channels on small dish thanks?

  3. Oga pako tnx 4 the software, what about that of 3d lazer hd auto roll software. Happy new year in advance and may God keep you 4 us

  4. it is now clear that strong 4922 series cannot auto roll. how long now have strong technologies released other models and have not released 4922 series auto roll software. even qsat if not signal problem are better than them in terms of responding to changing technology. we would have to migrate to other brands and leave them. at least let us know that that model cannot auto roll power vu so that we get others that can do so. always ‘strong 4922 coming soon’. if after 3rd jan 2017 they don’t release it as new yr present we will assume it cannot auto roll.

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