Download Latest PowerVU Patch For Alphabox x6+ For Sport 24 HD

Alphabox finally releases patch for sport 24 HD. Just as strong releases patches for strong srt 4953, srt 4955 and srt 4957 to force people to buy, alphabox has also follow suit. They only released patch for alphabox x6+. Amazing right? Despite the thousand copies of alphabox x4 and x6 in the market, they chose to begin with the newest box.

This was captured from alphabox x6+ by one of the dealer;

Sport 24 HD

If you asked me if they will release patch for X4 and X6, i’m afraid, i can’t say. For strong 4950 series, there’s hope, strong 4922 series, no hope. Be wise, don’t panic, else the chinese would also extent their straw to your pocket.

I’m always scared to talk about alphabox due to issues while upgrading. I mean the annoying red light stuff that pop up on the receiver while trying to run new patch. The only solution i have known is to reprogram the IC if you should experience this while running the any patch.

Disclaimer: Being prone to red light issues, won’t be help responsible for any damages incurred while upgrading your receiver. It’s advisable you seek the expertise of a local installer or your seller to guide you on how to successfully run the patch to your receiver without having issues. You choose to download the software which was uploaded by the manufacturer and using it at your own risk.¬†




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20 thoughts on “Download Latest PowerVU Patch For Alphabox x6+ For Sport 24 HD

  1. thank you for your information, we highly appreciate and enjoy sport 24 with our alphabox x6+.
    now remain Qsat to hear good news from you, we’re still waiting., have a nice day.

  2. Please sir help me information about mini x4 receiver i gave it to someone which they install qsat G26 software on it an i hv been watching sport24 with it. But my question is since they install different software and it work can i still change d software from qsat to gsky5 in order to gain access to sport24 again. Thanks for your response in advance,

  3. Hello sir, pls the new srt4955 software opens sports 24 but the audio is faster than the video. Pls how can I resolve this bug? Thank you

  4. mr jones mrng u are d best,ur information realy help ur.Now my question my skysatv9 it on and boot but nt loading,what could be d problem pls,if its software pls help me.Thank u

  5. pls sirs I am using SRT 4950h and 4955B but since yesterday afternoon no signal on only sports 24 Chanel’s pls is it a general problem or its only my decoder that has that problem pls. also I need the latest software for my alpha box pls Good day Sirs

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