Download latest Qsat softwares with improve performance on powervu

Nowadays, the chinese see us as “illiterates” when it comes to technology, pardon me for using such words because, Nigeria is a dumping ground for any rubbish they do, and once again, big shame to those that grant them (chinese) way to dump their toys here. Another decoder is out, they said it’s Gsky V5 or whatever for powervu. Don’t be deceived, powervu of now can only be enjoyed on bigger dish and your qsat and strong decoders will do the job perfectly on it, because there’s no threat for now, and also change of any keys. Even though there’s need for key change, this latest Qsat software will auto roll them for you. Moreover, in the case of strong decoder, it won’t take you more than three minutes to do that and you will always find latest keys on my blog.

For now, the best auto roll, FTA decoder and for cccam is Qsat, because of it simcard slot ability, connects cccam faster and stable, auto roll powervu keys. If you are planning to install bigger dish for powervu and want to start, i strongly advice you get Qsat. Sony on 66.0E has been scrambled for more than a month, and the so called powervu decoders, Gsky couldn’t find solution to it because Sony has blacklisted it EMM making it difficult for some decoders to auto roll it. This is one of the flaws i’m talking about. If same thing happened to all the satellite we have powervu on, you will agree with me that it will be the end of any so called powervu decoder.

Enough said, here are some softwares on some decoders for Qsat. Others will be added as soon as it’s been made available.

2016-5-25 latest software for qsat

Just get a clean flash drive, download and upgrade your decoder. To use cccam on Qsat, find my article on how to do that HOW TO USE CCCAM ON STRONG AND QSAT

CCCAM for starsat has been made available for some days now. Selling hot, very cheap and guaranteed it will last for months.

60cm dish will track it. I have tried it so many times. But for stable signal and getting all the important channels to use on the CCCAM, use dstv dish, startimes or any dish above 80cm to track, and with this TP which is one of the highest (12379 H 27500) LNB at 6’o clock.

I will still insist you get an Andriod box. It’s 1000% reliable,legal, cheap and better than all those called powervu decoders you keep wasting money on. We program all our boxes, and here’s how we calculate data consumption per hour when streaming, which we already have on the Andriod box;

1. Video resolution of 144p is the cheapest in one hour of watching iptv live stream is only 40mb
1. Setting your video resolution to 240p then in one hour of watching you will spend just 150mb
2.setting video resolution to 360p in one hour usage you spend just 250mb
3. video resolution of 480p in one hour if watching is 400mb
4. Video resolution of 720p in one hour of watching it will cost you 700mb
5. Video resolution of 1080p in one hour cost you 1.2g

If you have a better calculations, email me, i will publish it here. , whatsapp and call for business purposes only o7o6633o624

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