Download Latest Software Fix for Gsky v6 HD 24 And Restore 34.5 west With Auto – Roll Functions

Just as promised on my last article, i will be dropping three different softwares;

  1. Gsky v5 – Added Tangberg encryption and Kwese tv cband
  2. Gsky v6- Fix automatic auto roll and also added hd 24 on 34.5 west
  3. Strong 4922- Tangberg encryption option added

Firstly, we begin with Gsky v6 which hasn’t been performing and many of it users has been left stranded.

Please follow these instructions carefully to upload the latest software to your decoder to add the above subjected services.

Before i proceed, won’t be held responsible for any damages, hard brick or soft brick of your device when performing software upgrades on your decoder. You agree to carry out the upgrades at your own risk. Though i don’t anticipate any issues, but if you fail any step upon upgrading your receiver, i won’t be held responsible for any damages…

Now we need to download the software, extract it to a virus free USB flashdrive from this link;

After downloading, for those that hasn’t upgraded their gsky v6 before, send the software to your usb flashdrive, slot it into the receiver and follow these steps to upgrade your receiver;

Click on menu on your remote and click on tools


scroll down and click on USB upgrade


on the upgrade mode, live it at “All Code” and then on “Upgrade file”, move the right side of your remote to select the the gsky v6 software


Now move down and click on “start”


When prompt if you want to burn flash, select “yes” and wait for it to upgrade and reboot as well

After it might have reboot, click on menu on your remote again;

click on installations


Now if you have HD 24 on 34.5 west, scroll through the satellite list to select it


Now click on the red button media button on your remote and select “blindscan” and hit “search”


if your hd 24 is on 57.0E, select the exact satellite on the satellite list


If you have sony packages installed, select 68.5E

After you blindscan, just wait for some few minutes, the channels with powervu encryptions would start coming up.

If after following the steps above and your channels are not yet coming up, cross check the following;

  • Make sure you upload the latest software
  • You must select the exact satellite you tracked from the satellite list
  • Don’t add any keys manually after upgrading
  • Display might be delayed for 1-120 minutes depending when satellite send EMM data

I hope after you might have follow the guides above, you should be just fine. If you have any concern, issues during or after upgrades, please use the comment form as the manufacturers always visit this blog for comments from it customers to make them serve you better.

Gsky v5

Though, gsky v5 is the leading auto roll machine as gsky v6 has been discontinued, we have to spice up the receiver so as to not to depend on it for powervu alone.

Another encryption service, “Tangberg” was recently compromised, so we have to take the opportunity to search for satellites and channels that has tangberg encryption. We found just one. It’s CBNC on 68.5 cband, sony position. To watch the channel with tangberg encryption, you need to download the updated software version for gsky v5 from this link;

Follow same steps above to upgrade, then blindscan your 68.5E cband again and you should be able to watch the channel. We are still on the hunt for more channel on tangberg encryption. As soon as we find any, i will update the house. Also, i did talked about kwese tv on cband. Read through my previous post for more on that. If you track it, you should be able to watch it on gsky v5

Strong 4922

Not just by name!!! Strong has responded to our emails and added tangberg key edit options on 4922 series. Download the extracted software from this link;

Download extracted strong 4922 1.97p sw, with confirm Tandberg/director CAS

If you have sony installed and have CBNC, it will open automatically because they have added the keys. Also, it has been updated with the latest powervu keys and it’s currently opening all the powervu channels as at 8/22/2016

Andriod Tv box

All the matches that would be played today 8/22/2016, Chelsea, Liverpool, dsthieves doesn’t have broadcast right. You can only get it on the andriod tv box. Now come to think of it. There’re 5 different pay view centre within your location, and only you showed a particular match, purchased fuel for #500, data, maybe #1000, each viewer paying #100, and you recorded #500 customers as you’re the only one that could show the match live. You know how much you should be counting after 90 minutes , after two days right?

Gsky v6 has been discontinued. Currently in stock, gsky v5, andriod tv box, super esat auto roll decoder.

For purchase, 07066330624,09035035048. WhatsApp or call, email , .  If you don’t avail yourself an andriod box, dsthieves will milk you without pity.

Please make use of the comment form if you have any complaints or suggestion.

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34 thoughts on “Download Latest Software Fix for Gsky v6 HD 24 And Restore 34.5 west With Auto – Roll Functions

  1. I have been witing for the past 2 hrs after upgrading but still Sport24 is not autorolling on 34.5W.Manufacturers of GSKY v6,plz come up with something bcos we are lacking.

  2. Thanks for d updates,pako! keep it up! There is dis arena sports on 39east wit tangberg encryption,can we get der beam ad can dis softwares open it?tanks!!!

  3. Hi hommies,i want to find out from the GSKY v6 users if anybody has successfully upgraded his decoder with da latest software and its autorolling the channels on 34.5W?If u have,plz update the house so that u advice me on what to do.Thanks.

  4. @Ray, I think u are still using the old TP for 34.5, which is Intelsat 903-34.5, 4126 L 3680. The new TP is 4090H20667, kindly update it for it be auto rolled.

  5. @Bros Rupert,i am using the new TP which is 4090H20666 on 34.5W.I dont know what im not doing ryt.But is urs autorolling?
    If I downgrade and enter the keys manually,the channels will open.Now even the AFN channels cannot open on the new software.

  6. I just tracked KWESE SPORTS on my Gsky v6 is there any software to open it on Gsky v6. But for guys using GSKYV6 please downgrade to GSKY_V6HD_20160109 it will open 34.5 w and the rest before upgrading to the new software pako just gave. It should work fine.

    1. @Rimam,CNBC opened because the latest software has the probability of opening Tandberg channels.The pvu channels refused to open because I learned it has a lil problem.I faced the same problem until one of them sent me another firmware which doesn’t have Tandberg patch but autorolls.All I wanted was autoroll and I got it.Maybe u shld wait for the new one

  7. Pako pls I have being using hd24 @ 34.5w with good signal percent before the upgrade. But now no signal for hd24 on 34.5w even on blindscan with alpha box decoder reading over 90 percent quality on 3777h3777 what should I do to over come? Pls advice and also sent the sport24hd TP that is working on west presently thanks

    1. I just upgraded my gsky v6 HD with this software 20161031 to watch sports24 but it is still showing scramble. what could be the solution

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