Download new Powervu software for All Qsat decoders

This morning while i was reading my emails and replying to chat, one of my notable fan, (KC the great installer) dropped off some messages for me, when i checked on it, it was powervu softwares for Qsat .I have read on so many whatsapp groups and feel the pains of those that can’t afford strong and only have qsat decoders so i decided to drop this for you and hope it keeps you going.

For some days now, Qsat has been performing wonders on both their spycam and avartacam servers. The channels that are opening are becoming 90% stable, and also i will be answering some questions here fixing some issues on Qsat not connecting to server despite you have an active account.

Download new powervu software for Q11G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q13G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q15G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q16G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q23G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q26G HERE

Download new powervu software for Q28G HERE

Download new powervu software for SPEEDHD HERE

pakogist won’t be held responsible for any damage resulting when upgrading your decoder. make sure you use clean flash drive,extract the file and install on your decoder with a stable power supply

As you all know, HD 24 did an upgrade last week which saw most of the popular decoders off for some days. strong 4922 series was only the decoder that wasn’t affected but other so called decoders were affected and had since been releasing softwares to fix the issue. Kudos to qsat for this softwares and i hope they will keep being the only last man standing.

Some common fixes for Qsat not connecting to server or connection failed message.

  • Powervu softwares on working spycam account normally caused this issues.
  • Always make sure you look for the most stable network in your location before you use Qsat
  • Make sure you have a data bundle rather than airtime
  • Recommended network to use is Glo and Airtel
  • If you keep getting network fail, use a 3G modem. avoid using sim directly on your qsat as you won’t ever get the best of out it.
  • Make sure you are using the network respective settings when using it sim card

Enjoy while it last. This does not guarantee fix for HD 24.


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15 thoughts on “Download new Powervu software for All Qsat decoders

    1. The issue of pics is left to the Enegineers to fix. To edit keys, go to settings>and you should see patch,click on it and follow the next step.

  1. Gud day sir ad tanks 4 d updates…eachtimes i try to download d software for strong 4922a decoder it wil only bring d name of d sofware on d screen but wil not download it pls i need ur help sir.tanks.

  2. Hello guys, hi u do, you said powervu software for all qsat but mine is qsat 11g+ which among those software should I use cause I tried the one of qsat11g didnt match, which one is aplicable for my decoder?

  3. my Qsat23g shows server NACK at the time i want to upgrade the spycam code,i bought the DSTV decoder and i paid for it and it shows well,but when i want to connect my Qsat23g to the same DSTV dish with the same cable it shows good signal and quality,but the DSTV channel does not show and when i want to activate the spycam account it shows server NACK.IN ADDITIONAL, i alread upgraded my Qsat23g to V8.1.13.PLEASE i need help on that

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