Endtime for all dongles- relief or regret: Satellite update

As we all know, our great country Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey so that’s why we have that custom of a “made in white thing”. This has led to many foreign private sectors milking us really hard including the chinese as we are always the culprit and dustbin. Pardon me for that word. Though i will really give kudos to the chinese for bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, in the same vein, i look it the other way round as they now break that bridge and now milking us with epileptic services. Many that are reading this knows that the relationship between we dealers and customers have broken due to all the dongles we keep introducing to them. Some will buy 6 months account and won’t watch 2 weeks from it, while others still run to view centre to watch ball despite they have dongles at home. Also, these has let we installers searching for alternatives and discoveries of many FTA, which some has gone off and some still working for now.

Gone in those days when we are in bondage of our so called ISP, where-which they won’t even give breathing space. No free data, high data charges and calls. Thank goodness, we are now liberated in one way of the other and which has opened the door for us to go into IPTV which i keep preaching about is the future. Unlike 4-5 years ago, we have lots of options to watch paid tv for less and i think what’s going on today should really give you that insight that the days of dongles are over.

If you’re one of those that easily fall to deceit of love of dongles, you need to start reading about internet tv. We have lots of options out there for IPTV and i have found out that most IPTV servers are very unstable that even on 4G network, you will still be experiencing freezing channels. So many guys that already purchased the wrong IPTV devices are still calling for help in one way or the other. This led me to dig deep and discovered the andriod box which you can be able to watch whatever tv programs of your choice without spending a dime as we have been liberated from high charges from our ISP. I know sooner or later, dsthieves will be FTA as if we begin spreading this andriod boxes which it’s easy to manage and doesn’t require you to be a computer expert, they would think twice.

Whether you’re a dealer or installer and have one way or the other stucked with no sales due to lost of trust from your customers, don’t be scared to introduce IPTV to them on andriod box as it can also be tweaked as our normal andriod phone for free streaming.

Here are some images i pulled off from my TV.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

All free. you won’t pay a dime for anything. If you’re still one of those “thomas” out there thinking this can be blocked or won’t work, you’re really doing yourself big harm and will keep being milked. People have been making it big through pakogist making huge profits. Why the wait?

(info@pakogist.com, 07066330624 call or whatsapp)

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2 thoughts on “Endtime for all dongles- relief or regret: Satellite update

  1. please i am trying as much as possible buy one as an installer in Ghana,but the credit buying or cost is too high for one to afford here in Ghana, and the internet tweaks or the free browsing and streaming tricks and tips does not work here Ghana. please, my only OGA, is there any help for me here Ghana to also enjoy free browsing and streaming. this is my contact +233549880481

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