Enjoy Airtel Hourly Plans for Unlimited Downloading and Streaming

Airtel introduced hourly based plan for those that want to download or stream anything for some few minutes. To me, this should be a good solution to those that have strong airtel network in their location and can’t still browse due to the huge subscription amount being paid monthly. Also, this should be another good alternative to the Airtel BIS plan that select devices. The hourly base plan is #180 naira and it’s for 60 minutes and unlimited. That is, if you subscribe to this plan, you can download anything and stream anything for 60 minutes during the day. At night, the same #180 is for three (3) hours from 12 am.

The Airtel Unlimited Plans are 100% from the airtel ISP itself so it’s not a tweak or cheat. For those that want to go for our andriod box and for those that have one, just follow the step outlined below, you should be able to enjoy this plan. All hands are on deck to bypass the restriction and soon we will defeat them and make it unlimited for months or even years.

There are 2 categories

  1. Day Time Based Unlimited Downloading Plan
  2. Night Unlimited Downloading Plan

The Night Packs will allow customers enjoy UNLIMITED internet access between 12 midnight and 6am daily and truly relish your after-hour browsing experiences.

How Do i Make This Work?

  • Get a registered Airtel SIM
  • Load the corresponding recharge card. For Example for the Day Timed Based 60 Plan, which mean 60 minutes = 1 hour unlimited downloading for just N180, Load N180
  • Dial *439*4#
  • Wait for few seconds and you should receive confirmation message
  • Browse and Download anything you want for just that 1 hour.

For more information about the plan or other data plans, Visit Airtel Official Data Page

Contact us today for your own copy of andriod box. (info@pakogist.com, 07066330624)

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