Enjoy Android Tv Box on Glo-4G and MTN-4G LTE Network

At least by now, the pictures are getting more clearer and clearer when i first started talking about this Andriod tv box as the future as well as IPTV in general. It’s funny people keep saying that IPTV is a no go area and claiming it’s for only 4G networks. Good thing, this box have been streaming flawlessly on 3G networks and another good news is, our ISP are now making it even more easier, even though data is not that yet friendly, at least, we can feel the power of LTE even inside our toilet.

Glo and MTN have launched LTE services. For now, GLO has successfully covered all over Nigeria with it LTE services while MTN is gradually spreading. If you ask me to compare speed, i will choose Glo. Data friendly, i will go with GLO as well.


Now for those that are using andriod tv boxes from me, just visit GLO and MTN center in your location, not the road side resellers to upgrade your sim. You can as well choose to purchase a sim which cost just #100. Then to subscribe for the Glo 4G LTE data service, just dial *777# and follow the instructions.


For MTN, simply send 4G to 131 to see if your sim has been activated for the 4G services and if your device is supported.


N:B. For you to enjoy 4G service, you must get a device that supports 4G. Infact, 4G is 10 times faster than 3G. So if you have been having buffering issues while streaming or watching content online, you should be fine now. I think by now, we should have 4G modems or if your phone supports 4G LTE, you can as well use as hotspot to power your Andriod tv boxes. Glo still remains the cheapest and fastest, depending on your location. Though you may still experience slow network due to overcrowding.

With Andriod tv box, you’re fully covered. Kodi is the home of entertainment. Kodi experiences is second to non. I mean there’s no match. So this is another big opportunity for you and reason why you need this box. Those still saying huge data consumptions are still barriers to IPTV AND ANDRIOD TV BOXES are still living in the past. After all, if you ask them what other alternatives they have or could advice, they will tell you ‘POWERVU” and “SPYCAM”. Don’t let anyone to deceive you about slow network or only 4G can work. Now we have 4G, so what are you waiting for?

Now let me give you a typical example why you will still end up using andriod box or any IPTV devices. I was contacted for advice from an hotel manager somewhere in Benin, Nigeria. Sorry i won’t disclose the name. They needed porn on their bars and some hotel rooms. I advised him to look no further than andriod box or any IPTV devices, but he later argued that due to the prices, which is even a one time payment, that an installer had already introduced champion tv decoder to him which he watched redlight tv on it. I asked him not to waste his money and that the so called Redlight on champion tv is a “STOLEN” content. But he again argued that since it’s not cccam or through keys and even on the official champion tv decoders that it will last forever. The installer sold 25 boxes to him. To cut story short, I just recently configured porn on kodi on 20 boxes and sold to the hotel. The reasons they came back looking for me is, i told them what they won’t like to hear, and they finally found out the truth. Champions tv are even off air for some weeks now and for months, redlight hasn’t worked on their network for months because they stole it.

Pre-loaded Andriod tb box still in stock, most especially the MXQ- PRO and M8S. (info@pakogist.com, 07066330624, whatsapp or call)

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8 thoughts on “Enjoy Android Tv Box on Glo-4G and MTN-4G LTE Network

  1. Pakogist,with the introduction of 4g LTE ,will data consumption be same when streaming or it will be more than when one streams with 3g network?

  2. Poor Ghanaians.Glo is still 3g in Ghana and offers the cheapest data rate in Ghana.The 4g LTE networks here are expensive but don’t cover whole of Ghana.It’s only MTN that covers the whole Ghana.Glo should be quick and introduce 4g LTE network in Ghana as well

  3. glo 4G LTE you are talking about works only with phones and not with device as you talk. I was in there office yesterday and they said it works with only phone not with device as you said

  4. Boss sorry to digress a bit, I moved my dish from the 57e to 34.5w and after working for a day my 4950h stopped autorolling sp24hd. Please what could be the solution?

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