Fix for HD 24 signal lost on 80-100cm dish-General satellite world update

Let me start by saying i was one of the victim of this signal lost issue after i have tracked hd on my 90cm dish. I woke up on a beautiful morning and wanting to watch latest EPL news on skysport and later saw “No or bad signal” on my TV screen. I hurriedly went offside thinking the di-electirc plate might have dropped off from the lnb or maybe the dish as shift out of position and to my surprise,everything was still very intact. I just keep wondering what might get wrong?

After a carefully thinking what might went wrong, i decided to remove my lnb and di electric plate and test it. At the end, i actually fix it within some minutes.

First i would like to advice you the possible causes on signal lost on smaller dishes for HD 24.

  • Using bad or fake lnbf
  • Using bad di-electric plate without you being noticed
  • Using old or rust dish
  • Not placing the di-electric plate properly
  • Not firmly tightened the dish after you got signal

Things to do whenever your dish lost signal;

  • Don’t tamper with the dish position. Most times signal lost mostly results to bad di-electric plate which get weak because it’s responsible for holding the signal. so if your di-electric plate is not original, you will keep having problems
  • Visit the guys that cut glass for windows, the tick and dark glass as to me, it’s the best and can never fade out.
  • If you change you di-electric or replace with glass and still find out no signal, replace the lnb. Nowadays, you will hardly find original cband lnbf. For now, the best recommended lnbf to use is “STRONG CBAND LNBF” because it sees signals faster and last unlike supermax that most times can’t even track sony as we have so many fakes in the market now.
  • If after you replace both, (cband glass or di-electric), it’s time to play with the dish. Carefully loosen just a bolt on the dish and try to raise it up a bit and move right why standing infront of the dish. Don’t make it to go farther as you will completely lose signal and since your lnb and glass doesn’t receive signal when on original position, you will spend days looking for signal again.
  • In summary, in other to avoid this, get a complete 90cm dish at most and try to locate any strong accredited dealer to get an original cband lnbf and always use glass in place of di-electric.
  • If you want to track it for the first time, use glass.

My candid advice to you out there still contemplating which one to get or use.

It is the same normal stories from Qsat whenever they sold out more than 1 million account, server will become more unstable which has never been. Engineer on holidays, engineer looking for problem on server, engineer fixing account, dst* upgrading and so many excuses. To me, they’re just milking us in the name of last man standing. I have a friend that always say “Qsat blazing” why mine haven’t connected to server for more than 3 weeks same with others. But whenever i call him that i want to visit him, he will be giving excuses. You should know the next story line.

For now, we only have HD 24 and no other backup. So if you don’t have space for dish in your house or always looking for installer to fix signal issues, or getting fed up with Qsat unstable servers, i always advice you get Andriod box which has more and all this channels we are watching with keys, doesn’t get blocked and last forever without using any dish. Good thing, MTN has been blazing with 0.0, meaning you can stream the whole day like me without paying a dime. Etisalat is also there as another option, smile 4G, spectranet all working free on the andriod box. If you’re still doubting and want to go for other alternative, you can get an official decoder from dstv with almost same amount you will get an andriod box which you won’t ever subscribe for any server or channels or you keep paying dstv same money you should use to get an andriod box monthly. You can never compare dstv programs, picture quality with all this FTA we are watching now let alone 4K picture quality on the andriod box.


The choice is yours. Interested buyers can reach me through email, whatsapp or phone call (, 07066330624)

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  1. Pls what is this di-electric? And pls can you help me with a picture of it? And possibly picture of one that is replace with dark glass is you said. Thanks alot for all these top info.

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