Fix for sport HD 24 for Strong decoders

Last year when powervu was discovered to work in Nigeria and across Africa, within a twinkle of an eye, chinese began rolling out different decoders for powervu. Pakogist is the only blog campaigning against the use of such decoders as i wrote some articles about the decoders and from experience and also proof to you guys why you don’t need those chinese decoders to watch powervu channels. It took some weeks and months before i started gaining supports from users of such decoders and from installers and friends. it’s now tag “Auto failure” rather than the deceit word “Auto roll”. I have also mentioned many times that there’s nothing like auto roll keys features on any chinese decoders,it’s only auto update.

Why saying all this?

You may be wondering why i decided to start this way, it’s because the so called popular bloggers writing and advising you guys to purchase the decoders and also installers are not even using it and yet they help spread it around because of little money they will get as bribe from the chinese and also they had removed their hands from our #VIVA FTA campaign and #Dst* must fall campaign.

What are you trying to point out?

Do you know that only strong 4922 series that can successfully run sports HD 24? oh incase you don’t know, most of those powervu decoders from chinese are busy sleeping why our dear strong 4922 series are ruling.

What’s the way forward?

If you had entered the latest keys on your strong and it refuses to play the HD 24 channels, don’t panic. you only need the latest patch for your strong. V190p. Download it from this link HERE .

NB; pakogist won’t be held responsible for damages incurred when upgrading your decoder. You only choose to download the software because you have been upgrading your decoder and you know what will happen if you fail to meet up with the criteria.


Get a clean flash drive,download the software,insert on your decoder and upgrade. make sure you have a steady power supply before you try such. Generator is best recommended as if power goes off when upgrading,your decoder will be fried.

After upgrading, enter this keys;

ECM 00: 98 65 B2 62 77 F7 AB

ECM 01: FF FA 91 E9 7B 25 70

Voila!! You’re done!! HD 24 will start working!!!

My advice and recommendation,my money is still on IPTV which is the future. That’s where Andriod box comes in. You won’t believe this, you will sweat before you find an original strong 4922 series decoders in the market because i can confirm with proofs that china has released it own version of strong 4922a decoder to the market. While you’re still enjoying HD 24, the best alternative is for you to get an Andriod box, all this channels we watch with keys are on Andriod box and without subscription or downtime nor experiencing scrambled channels.

I hope this article will be helpful to millions of people out there who wants to know the truth and save their hard earn money from chinese fraud.

Andriod box still in stock. email or whatsapp 07066330624

Hope you have a blissful day ahead!!!

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18 thoughts on “Fix for sport HD 24 for Strong decoders

  1. I followed your instructions and got the expected result. Sport 24 stopped yesterday, I did not know what to do until I saw your message and I followed your directives and my sport 24 channel and others are showing very well. Thank you very much for this update. You are really ahead of others. Very soon they will paste this your update as if they were the original discoverers. Once more I say thank you

  2. pakogist please i need ur advise i have a ball house were i show ball and am using DSTV but the truth is that Dstv is killing me pls what should i do i mean which decoder can you recommend for me

    1. You can go for strong 4922a. Get 2.4m dish for 68.5 which shows live FA cup,lalila and italian leaque, and at least 1m dish for HD 24 which shows at least 4 EPL matches every saturday, during the week and sunday as well as UCL and Europa.

  3. hello there i have a micromax mm-n7hd usb pvr decoder which i got from dubai but i cant gét sport 24hd and upgrade software for it.kindly link me up.thanks

  4. please help me ihave strong rec 4922 iput software and the the power is cut
    what ihave to do now because tha rc not working now

    please help

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