FOXSPORTS1 and 2 Now FTA and Latest Qsat Update

Fox sports 1 and 2 which are scrambled channels are now temporarily FTA. You can get it with this TP; 11090 H 3000 on Amos5 position. Also most channels from the lost Amos5 has been moved to  SES5 and can be nailed with TP 12015 V 29949. Although fox sports  are not broadcasting the EPL, but the broadcast some other leagues around the globe. Enjoy while it last.

For those commenting about sports24 keys, i stopped making new post and update the keys HERE. Kindly bookmark the page and visit it whenever there’s need to get a working key if the previous has been blocked. 

For some days now, Qsat has been working but with panics and on some selected decoders. Like on my Qsat 28G, it will just display connection success and that’s the end. It won’t connect to server in other to make we watch any channel. But one some decoders, it’s working. But the stability on canalsat is pretty ok. After i find out what the problem might be, i discovered that those using avartacam account were the ones having issues and not been able to watch any channel on Qsat. And the only solution to this is to purchase spycam account to watch paid tv channels on Qsat.

To me, this is totally greediness and scam. We all know Qsat has been on and off and still yet, rather than compensation, they will force us to do whatever they like as long as they get their money and also providing epileptic services. For those that has money to waste, you can keep patronizing  Qsat as very soon, we will be totally liberated from their scam.

I Also want to use this opportunity to again advice those making inquiries about Gsky decoders. There’s nothing like Auto-roll. Don’t be deceived. Why they call it auto roll is because instead of you inputing any keys by yourself, they do it behind the scene.Few days ago, on a chat group, some guys were fighting and raising abuses on the manufacturers of the decoder as whenever any channels got scrambled, After the new keys  has been out for hours, they will get the key from our blogs and update it for their customers. Champions Tv that was claimed to work on it is a total scam and lie. No decoder can beat champions TV for now as they change keys every 10-20 minutes. Don’t be deceived, Strong 4922A is still the best decoder for Powervu, some patches comes with the updated keys, It’s only MTN worldwide that often changes key and also BWTV and we always update keys HERE 30-40 minutes after any key has been changed. Our Aim is to free ourselves from Dst* extortions as wel from the chinese. If you really need a permanent backup for sports or permanent alternative without fear of frozen channels or data scare, get yourself an Andriod box. Andriod box is only the best alternative for now. IPTV won’t work in Nigeria for now. Even the so called 4G networks can’t power it as you will need as much as 1GB of data to watch a match which is equivalent to a thousand naira to watch a live match.And if i may ask, what’s the difference of getting an official decoder from Dst* rather than spending a thousand naira just to watch a match and also burning fuel as well? Andriod Tv box solves all this issues. No need for IPTV accounts, no scare of huge data consumption,as low as #70, you can watch anything on the Andriod box, live Tv streams for 24 hours.

For those that has view centers, if you want to make it, you go for bein sports decoder as you will achieve your goals and make lots of profits rather than running your business in a loss. I have the best package for you. If you’re interested, email me or on whatsapp.

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12 thoughts on “FOXSPORTS1 and 2 Now FTA and Latest Qsat Update

  1. Abeg boss I want u to advice me.. I love movies and music plus documentary and I ve qsat decoder 28g so am thinking of buying a dish and do poweruv soft cos I don’t really enjoy dat qsat again on dstv.. So I don’t know if I should go ahead and buy d 1.8 dish cos all I want is action movies and music dats all

  2. Thanks boss I really appreciate thanks alot can u pls give me more info about d satellite u said 68.5 what is d satellite name and position and it’s poweruv? Thanks boss

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