A full list of Working Satellites Cband and Ku band 100% Working in Nigeria

We have lots of satellites that are receivable here in Nigeria, but i want to focus on satellites that will be useful to us after tracking. Some cband, some ku band, while most are currently encrypted and needed biss keys or powervu keys to unscramble, some would require cccam, gshare or forever server to enable you watch the channels.

I will start with Cband Satellites which are my favorite;

Thaicom 78.5°East => Thiacom is almost behind the horizon and could be gotten with 1.8m dish in the Northern part of Nigeria, 2.4m dish in the western part of Nigeria and 3m in the east and southern parts of Nigeria. Some notable channels on the satellites are the Mcot package. Mcot has full EFL rights, English carling cup and some other sporting rights. The channels are currently locked with biss keys and could be tracked with this TP 3520 H 30000

Apstar 76.5°East => Apstar is my favorite satellite because of it rich entertainment contents and which are encrypted with powervu keys. Also on this bird, we have Gazitv. Gazitv showed Friday opening EPL match between Arsenal vs Leicester city and also some EPL matches during the weekend. It’s currently FTA. To watch the powervu channels, you need an auto roll powervu decoder. Apstar could be gotten with 1.8m dish in the northern Nigeria and from 2.4m to 3m outside the north. Note, your dish must be on a 4-6 foot pole and clear from trees before you will get a good and stable signal. To track apstar 76.5e, use this tp 3920 H 28340.

Intelsat 66.0°East => On this satellite, we have the Sony entertainment packages which are on HD. The likes of Sony pix for foreign movies, Sony Sab, Sony liv, Sony six and Sony ESPN for WWE and other Indian movie series. Sony has moved all it football matches to Ten sports which are currently encrypted with Conax. The Sony package are currently encrypted with powervu keys and also needed a powervu enabled receiver to watch it. All across Nigeria, you need at least 2.4m dish to track Sony HD package.

Intelsat 68.5°East => Another cool satellites with all Sony entertainment SD packages, HBO, CNN, Sky news, etc. This, all it packages are superb, but i lose taste for it after Sony stopped showing live matches. But still, in terms of entertainment, the satellite is very cool. The channels as well are encrypted with powervu and could be tracked across Nigeria from 1.8m dish with tp 4.064 H/V 19850.

Intelsat 33e at 60.0°East => This satellite host so many Nigerian channels which we often called “Naija Mux”. You will need 3m dish upwards for this satellite. If you can get the signal, you would indeed know that you’re wasting money on cable TV subscription. Frequency for tracking is 3737 H/V 16666. NB; It uses di-electric plate.

Belintelsat 51.5°East => Till date, many people doesn’t know kwese is still on this satellite and opened by biss keys. The same kwese there is the same on it official decoder, but this satellite requires di-electric plate, just as sport 24. There are other FTA channels on the satellite as well and the kwese package there are encrypted with biss keys. Tp for tracking is 3.878 H 6.420. Dish size is from 1.3m upwards depending on your location.


While cband accept errors on dish, ku band doesn’t. A single error on ku band would cost you from 10% signal lost. You might noticed something on the dish and overlook it, but just know that you’re overlooking 15% signal lost. Currently, here are list of Ku band satellites that are being rocked in Nigeria;

Hispasat 30°West => For the sports lovers, most especially for the View center owners, hispasat is one of the most important satellite in Nigeria. One the reason installers run away from hispasat is because of it difficulty in tracking it. Hotbird is that easy but if your dish is not 100% ok, hispasat won’t even flash at all. Sport tv 1-5 HD and SD broadcast all football league. It’s easy to track within the western Nigeria from 2.4m dish upwards, but outside, you would require a sound 4m dish to nail it. Apart from sports, it also boast of some entertaining packages as well. The channels are totally encrypted and you would need cccam to enable you to watch it. To track hispasat, base on your location, everything being equal, the frequency and symbol rate to use are 12226 V 27500 and 12303 V 27500.

Hotbird 13.0°East => As the name implies, “HOT”, this satellite to me is my number one because it’s the home of everything. You watch the English premier league on FTA, champions league and so on. When it comes to movies, it’s second to non. How about news, cartoon, porn and other encrypted channels that are being watched using card-sharing options?  Apart from it encrypted channels, we have IR cama, FTA for EPl matches. In-fact the only difference between ir cama to sport 24 is language and picture quality. Although, all other channels are not being broadcast in English, but it content speaks for itself. In some part of the north, i have seen and known many installers tracking it with 1.8m dish,  while in the west here, with 3m dish, you get about 700-900 channels, depending the quality of your dish. Other part of Nigeria, a sound 4m dish should give you over 1500 channels.The easiest tracking frequency are 10996 V 27500 and 10873 V 27500. Ir cama frequency is 10775 V 27500.

Eutelsat 9b.0°East => The most trickiest satellite to track with FTA channels full of HD channels. It’s a pity we lost digisports and some other packages, but the satellite has now been enriched with quality contents. Ote sports with English premier league rights and champions league, Europa league is being opened with tiger receiver. Sports, music, entertainment and porn, all fully loaded. The signal isn’t universal and uniformed. Some location, like me, i have 172 channels on my startimes dish, while some area need like 3m dish to get close to the number channels i have. I advice you contact your local installer to determine the size of dish to use. The easiest the frequency to track the satellite is 11938 H 27500, 11804 V 27500. If you see PTV after you scan 11938 H 27500, congratulations, you’re on point. If you get AFN packages after you manual scan 11804 V 27500, bravo, rock your world. You would need a good cccam to enable you enjoy the satellite.

Eutelsat 16a°0East => Mytv, seasat and tvsat all available on this satellite. The cccam only opens all the seasat channels, which are the french channels on the satellite. It also opens the fox sport 1 & 2 there as well and can be gotten with 60cm dish across Nigeria with tracking frequency 10804 H 30000, 12525 H 30000

Astra 28.2°East => Multi tv package. Have been FTA for some few years now. minimum dish to track with is from 75cm. Frequency is 12525 V 30000

Nigcomsat 42.0°East => At last, Nigeria has a functional satellite. The thing here is, if you’re lucky to track it, you will be wowed with the channels on the satellite. It goes off and on, most times off for days. To get a stable signal, use from 90cm dish. All the channels on the satellite are currently FTA. 12518 H 29500 is the tracking tp.

Let me stop here for now. In summary, only the Gsky receiver and freesat are currently updating it receiver to continue auto rolling powervu keys. Gsky recently release a software to automatically generate biss key for any satellite you track that is encrypted with biss. If you have a 3m pan dish, you can go four or five combo at a go. You begin with the weakest satellite and add the others. Your 3m dish should give you cool entertainment channels, while you would need Android tv box for all your football match.

Visit my store on Jumia to order for yours. https://www.jumia.com.ng/packdroid-ent/ . Here are the complete list of our boxes;

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T95Z plus 2gb ram
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M8S 2gb ram
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