General Updates: FTA,Biss Key,Qsat and Andriod Tv Box

Just to use this opportunity to appreciate encouraging emails and calls from my followers and other readers. I really appreciate it. Also just as you keep calling, chat and emailing for a new post, just to let you know that i don’t just do copy and pasting. I monitor things and published them as they’re unfold.

It’s been a while i updated pakogist with Biss key and some FTA satellites. I and my team have been doing some hunting and we found some FTA and biss keys for you. NB; This was done on 1.8m and 2.5m dish and on cband respectively. And please don’t call me to ask for where it will face and size of dish. A good installer can track any satellite a long as it’s reachable on any giving location.Those in Ghana and other west African Countries should also give it a try as i forwarded it to a friend in cotonou and Accra and they both confirmed it.

Football Focus Magazine
10.0°E – Eutelsat 10A
Frequency: 11153 – Pol: H – SR: 7120
Biss Key : 24 53 11 88 78 FD A1 16


7.0°E – Eutelsat 7A/7B
Frequency: 11083 – Pol: H – SR: 14400, 11148 H 14400
Biss Key : 44 1B 28 87 FF E1 E6 C6

7.0°E – Eutelsat 7A/7B
Frequency: 11162 – Pol: H – SR: 7500
Biss : 6E A2 D2 E2 C4 AC DC 4C

MCA Nigeria Intelsat 904 @ 60° East 3744 R 18315 5/6
MITV (Murhi International Television)
Biss:4E 69 67 1E 32 30 31 93
Biss: 4E 69 67 1E 32 30 32 94
Spice TV
Biss:4E 69 67 1E 32 30 35 97
Biss:4E 69 67 1E 32 30 36 98
Biss:4E 69 67 1E 32 30 37 99


7.0°E – Eutelsat 7A/7B
Frequency: 11181 – Pol: V – SR: 7200
Biss:AB 15 56 16 78 CA F1 33

This should be ok for now. Though i still have more but if you don’t abuse this, i will publish it.

For those still calling for CBST biss key, there’s nothing as i keep saying it has gone forever. But whenever i reply with such statement, the next email would be that i should name my price. It’s not my fathers property and you didn’t pay me before i dropped it here before it got scrambled. Just a little advice for you to be careful else you will fall into the wrong hands.

Some people still call that they heard Azsky is working in lagos and some other parts of Nigeria. This is not true. I have already said this so many times.Same applies to other dongles like A+,  cccam, Aone etc. For now it’s only Qsat that is currently working. I was chatting with a client in china about Qsat and he informed me that Qsat stopped producing account as they want to release new spycam software for all the decoders.I hope this time they solve the freezing problem with the software they’re about to release.

I’ve been silence on the new Decoder from china, (Gsky) The reason is that, powervu is not a new stuff. it has been on strong but just that we just started hearing about it and using it. Last year i used it but the keys keep blocking few hours after you unlock any channels. Last week someone called and ask me for key that he was watching England and San marino or so and the key got blocked.Incase you don’t know;

PowerVu is a conditional access system for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta. It is used for professional broadcasting, notably by Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS ABS-CBN GMA Network and American Forces Network. It is also used by cable companies to prevent viewing by unauthorized viewers.

View this powervu thread that was started 2006. HERE

PowerVu has decoders that decode signals from certain satellites for cable distribution services. These decoders can also be used just like the FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite receivers if properly configured. PowerVu was considered very secure since it uses a complicated system to authorize each PowerVu receiver and trace its history of ownership and usage. PowerVu encryption has been cracked.Most PowerVu users are professional cable or satellite companies, using the service and equipment for signal redistribution, because regular users cannot afford it. But the once we are getting from china are really fakes and won’t secure your keys for let me say 1-2weeks. I don’t really want to go dip into this as i don’t use it and don’t comment on what i don’t use. So whatever you’re investing your money on, always use google and try to get one or two informations before investing your money.

Stream your favorite content from movies, to TV shows, to music all from Andriod Tv Box. Thousands of Add-ons are already pre-loaded to make your viewing experience the most enjoyable!
Don’t spend hours trying to program one of those other boxes! With the Android open platform you have a complete canvas to customize on your own. Download your favorite apps or games to enjoy on your television, all for free and without ever paying another dime to any cable company or movie subscription every again! Those that already gotten it are really testifying. It’s a pity that our government are so obsessed with oil and won’t invest in satellite technologies and also no sensitization on IPTV technologies as that was why dstv uses the opportunity to exhort from us. The oga at the tops doesn’t feel the extortions from dstv as they’re not the once paying the subscription rather from our taxes. My Andriod Tv boxes sent by the manufacturers was intercepted by a government agencies and they said it’s another brand of Ipad and not a multimedia player. This is to really tell you that we needed help in the satellite world so as to liberate ourselves from dsthieves.

We still have some few boxes in stock. We have so far covered many states and still spreading. Don’t be left out. , o7o6633o624.

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