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Once more i’m back to update you guys on events ongoing on the satellite world. Most of us have been hearing different rumors, reading lots of articles online about different decoders and alternatives to cheaper paid TV views in Nigeria and across west Africa. I’m here to guide you on making the right decisions and also not to influence your decision as well as all hands are not equal.

To all my followers and readers and also those that will be visiting and reading my article for the first time, i want to first use this medium to reply all emails and SMS from those that need advice on what to buy as per articles and advert they read online. Read this and take it. No matter how anyone try to influence you or make his/her article more convincing, IT’S NOT EVERYTHING THEY ADVERTISE OR MARKET THAT YOU SHOULD BUY WITHOUT MAKING THE PROPER ENQUIRIES IN OTHER NOT TO REGRET AND WASTE YOUR HARD END MONEY.”ANY DECODERS OR DEVICE WHICH IS TO BE USED WITH SATELLITE DISH THAT IS NOT WITHIN THE FOOT-PRINT ON WEST-AFRICA WILL BE REPORTED AND WILL GET BLOCKED AND YOU LOSE

Yes, you may be wondering what is this guy saying! Let me be more detailed here. If you purchase a decoder through someone from east africa and you use it in west africa, all ISP and what ever so called network providers always do, to scan there network for abuses and breaches every seconds, whenever they find out that their services are being used outside from their own territory, they will terminate and block it forever. A typical examples are CBST,MBC,IRIB ect which they found that it was being viewed outside their footprint and they blocked it. That’s what will happen to any device you try to bring in or purchase from anyone. All the satellite providers have their own territory and nobody will like to go to court to spend money because of one customer as dstv are monitoring each forums and getting latest informations on devices used under their nose.  Don’t let anyone tweak your brain as i always tell those that calls me for advice that the people writing articles on decoders or services that’s not within the foot print of west africa can’t purchase it for their own personal use, but they just want to use it to make money and solve their problem. if you need more advice, my email is always or contact me through whatsapp on 07066330624.

Now back to the business of the day. Like i always say, i never for once trust qsat and stopped selling their account and decoders as after selling, the customer will call back and complain bitterly about not showing or freezing. This has been happening for some time now and i like telling the truth no matter the circumstances as i don’t feed by selling decoders or accounts as some other people do not enlighten you on the risk on qsat before purchasing it. The aim and goals of is to bring cheaper alternatives to paid TV in west Africa. Qsat is feeling the heat from dsthieves as very soon, they will be gone just like the others. If you like take it. That’s the truth and watch out.If your account had expired, don’t upgrade unless they solve the freezing problems and make it more viewable.

For now, all FTA we’re enjoying are gone as they was reported. No biss key yet for CBST and also champions TV biss key is out, but i don’t have it. I know of a friend using it and i’m trying to get it from him to drop it here for free for you guys.


Technologies advance every seconds and the truth is, if you want to get rest of mind, join those that has already make the switch to get yourself an IPTV device.Yes. IPTV is the only answer. There’re lots of them out there but the only disadvantages here to Nigerians is the poor internet services and exploitations from our so called ISP.

The New Andriod TV box i introduced on pakogist and to Nigerians and west africans solves all issues from cheap and less data consumptions, plug and play, no dish required, no IPTV subscription, Has more than 200 sports channels including bein sports 1-16, skysports, super-sports and lots more. over 1000 movie stations, cartoon networks, adult channels, indian and chinese movies ,play games on it using game pads, browser,uses mouse and keyboard,memory card slots to save and install any andriod applications etc… If you doubt, contact me through email and or whatsapp also for those in ghana i will provide you phone numbers of those already enjoying it…. For those that uses an andriod device, you should understand what i mean, using Psiphon handler ,simpleserver and autoproxy and also VPN to stream unlimitedly with BIS subscribtion which gives you 5Gigabytes of data for #70 daily, #350 weekly, and #1000 monthly.There’s no other cheaper means of watching paid TV to this. Don’t be scared to make the switch as it will benefit you and save your money and freezing issues unlike IKS dongles. This is a small device built on Andriod platform which is user friendly and easy to use. For those that doesn’t use andriod phone, your can share network through your PC using VPN. (Betamint VPN from It’s awesome and very very fast.

To get your own box, contact me through email,, whatsapp, 07066330624. for those outside Nigeria, +2347066330624.

Be wise and smart!!!

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